Specialist neurosurgeon in San Antonio

I have surgery scheduled in Houston with Dr. Dong Kim, but since I live in San Antonio, I was curious if someone could give me a recommendation for a second opinion. My parents are trying to tell me that this is way too invasive of a procedure for a 6 mm Chiari, even though my symptoms are very classic debilitating Chiari symptoms. I tried to get a second opinion by a neurosurgeon in Austin, but he was not helpful at all! He referred me to a neurosurgeon and ordered a CSF flow. He also told me not to let someone operate on me for this.
Still confused.

Tawny, have you searched the doctors in the Ben's Friends Doctors Directory LINK HERE? And checked on the American Association of Neurosurgeons (AANS) site LINK HERE?

The link I've given you to the AANS will take you to the Chiari page which provides brief details about when surgery is recommended. I'm reading from your previous discussions that Dr Kim is your second opinion so the surgeon in Austin would make three so I'm confused as to what you are looking for a fourth opinion to prove? If you end up with two who are pro-surgery and two who say no-surgery where does that leave you? I know you were perhaps not enamoured with the personality of the surgeon in Austin but to play devils advocate are you certain he was not simply tryng to reassure you of his experience? Have you followed through with the further investigation he recommended?

I know you are feeling really rough with your symptoms right now but surely the way forward is not to rush into a decision until you have all the facts and have been able to discuss with the NS and maybe your NL too and have a clear understanding of specifically why they favour one course of action over the other? Exactly what outcomes you can expect etc etc?