Anyone from Houston?

I am looking for a good Neurosurgeon/neurologist for my son. He is scheduled to see Dr. Fletcher (who supposedly is a Chiari specialist) but from searching the web there are only 4 reviews on him and apperantly 2 loved him and 2 hated him! I have an appointment with Dr. parrish, who I have heard wonderful things about but unfortunately he can not see children. Reason I am also asking for a neurologist is because I don't beleive my son will need surgery at this time, but we are going thru the process to make sure. Thank you for any advise/comments.

Dr Fletcher is who did both of my daughter surgery. I like him because a couple of reasons. He will not do surgery if he does not think you need surgery. He is a good surgeon and does many Chiari surgery. I like the way he interacts with my daughter. I know some people say they do not like his personality because he is very forward person. In my opinion I"m not paying him for his personality,I'm paying him because he is a good surgeon. If you only have chiari then he is the surgeon to see. As for NL my daughter see Dr. Foster.