Looking for Neurosurgeon in Raleigh, Nc

I was just dx with Chiari 1 and am looking for a neurosurgeon in the Raleigh/Durham area. Does anyone have recs?

I just had decompression surgery with Dr. John Sampson at Duke April 21st. He works in the cancer center but is a skull base surgery diplomate. He and his NP and PAs were amazing from office visits, post op ICU visits and pain management. He spoke to me plainly about the higher risk category I am in due to my belly fat so during surgery after removing bone from C1 he did an ultrasound to check CSF flow. The ultrasound showed flow restored so he did not do the higher risk duraplasty. He said that the risk of leaking and slump because of my size were not worth it since my flow had already been restored. I was given a pump and oral pain meds and by 2:00 or 3:00 AM my pain was under control. I went home the next day! He also has told me that he will follow me for at least a year and longer if necessary. I also like that Duke is doing Chiari research studies right now! I saw Dr Sampson after I was disappointed by an appointment at Chapel Hill with a dr Jakuvar. Another patient here in Fayetteville who sees the same GP as I recommended Dr Sampson after I was complaining about experience in Chapel Hill. I recommend Dr Sampson!