Need a good NL in PA.....any suggestions?

I was decompressed in December and I am still having a lot of issues. Most of my sx are back, some worse than others. Have terrible pressure headaches etc. My NS is done with me and my current NL is a joke. If you have seen someone that you really like and they know what they are doing when it comes to Chiari....please let me know. I need a NL in PA. I really need someone on my side. It's hard to deal with Chiari to begin with, but to have a dr treat you poorly just makes it worse. I am sure you all have experience with that...unfortunately.



I have been leaning toward calling his office. He is about 5 hours away. I was hoping to find someone closer, but at this point...I'd drive for 2 days just to find someone that is going to listen and not just dismiss me. Thanks!

razzle51 said:

maybe you can find somebody in Dr Ghassan K
Bejjani offices
Greater Pittsburgh
Neurosurgical Associates-UPMC


Did you see Dr. Bejjani? He's on my short list of doctors I'm considering seeing. I live in FL and there aren't any good doctors here. Thanks for your opinion :)