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Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with everyone. I am currently in the search to find a doctor fairly local to me to see. I was diagnosed October 13th with Chiari I. I know i am herniated to 8.2mm and am scheduled to see a neurologist Jan 17th. My main issue is that my symptoms seem to be getting progressively worse for me. I have a few days where things aren't as bad as they normally are. Anyhow, I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of a Doctor fairly close to me. I live in Chester County, and am approximately an hour from Philadelphia... Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Hello- Nice meeting you- I did find this list of doctors I dont know how up to date it is though


Dr Ghassan K Bejjani Greater Pittsburgh Neurosurgical Associates-UPMC Aiken Professional building, Suite 311 532 South Aiken Avenue Pittsburgh PA, 15232 Phone: 412-■■■■■■■■ Fax: 412-■■■■■■■■

Dr. Zager-Neurosurgeon University of Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Shannon: Contact Me


Neurologist Dr. Chabbria

East Stroudsburg, PA Shannon: Contact Me

Allegheny Endocrinology Patricia Mareda, CNP Dr Murray Gordon 420 East North Avenue East Wing, Suite 205 Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4746 412-■■■■■■■■ Leslie Carlins: Contact Me

PCP Edward Bedrick Philadelphia., PA (215) ■■■■■■■■ Michele: Contact Me

Sorathia Iqbal, MD

Internal Medicine 6649 Chrisphalt Drive, Suite 101 Bath, PA 18014 (610) ■■■■■■■■ Leslie: Contact Me


Dr. Kirit Kathari Stroudsburg, PA Shannon: Contact Me

Pain Management Michelle Smith, PA-C Valley Pain Specialists Bethlehem, PA (610) ■■■■■■■■ Denise: Contact Me

PCP Nazareth Family Practice Ann Brotzman, MD 305 W North St. Nazareth, PA 18064 Phone: 610-■■■■■■■■

your next best bet is probably in NY

wishing you all the best!

Hi and WELCOME!!!!!!!!!

Lisa gave you great info.

I will put my 2 cents in as far as seeing the neurologist on 1/17...I, personally did not get any help from the NL's I saw..they all told me Chiari was nothing to worry about and that it wasn't causing my symptoms....It become very frustrating. point not be discouraged if the NL tells you the same thing all the NL's told me....and many of us here have had the same experience with NL's...hopefully your doctor will tell you to see a neurosurgeon....In many ways , for myself anyway..I wish I had bypassed the NL's and gone straight to the NS.

Let us know how you are making out and how you are doing, ok??



Thank you so much for the advice. I am most likely going to keep the appointment to see the Neurologist. Although I do have this gut feeling that they are going to basically tell me im nuts. Most doctors do. I just wish my symptoms would ease up a bit. I feel as if I am getting worse. As we speak I can feel my legs going numb on me again. I just want relief. Its so frustrating being 22 and raising a child along with two dogs. I am glad though that a lot of friends of mine have shown support with everything and my family seems to have come back together instead of fighting with each other because of all this. Although I do have to say if it wasn't for my boyfriend I probably would have crawled into a hole... My symptoms have gone from just a few to a list over the past month... :(

Sometimes you find yourself a Neurologist who DOES know Chiari and can help treat the symptoms and get you to the point until you are ready to see a NS and disguss surgery and often if the Neuroloigst is good they will often reccomend a good NS as well- one who is also knowlegdeable in Chiari and has a good track record. So I dont think there is anything wrong with you keeping your appointment. and if thats how they treat you then you know and you are prepared as to what your next step should be. And perhaps you can even search the next step out even before your appointment so in the event you need to make an appointment you are already prepared and for it.

its wonderful to have the support of your family and friends. thats what you need One of the most surprising things to me with chiari and all its symptoms its all about how it seems they grow its almost as if you close your eyes open them up again and something else new shows up. it is draining- but know now that ya found us we are here for ya.


get copies of ALL SCANS that are done for you- to keep for your records,

get copies of ALL other testing that is done- again to keep for your records.

to Take questions with you to be answered, As well as the list of your symptoms/concerns