York, Pennsylvania

Can anyone recommend a neurologist in or near York, PA?
Thank you!!

If you can drive to Philly, try Dr Turtz from Cooper Hospital in Camden

I see a Neurosurgeon at UPMC in Pittsburg Pa, Dr. Bejjani, he is awesome… takes time to answer questions but also lots into what’s causing other issues that maybe coorlating to the Chiari or adding to the symptoms themselves!

Hi, so I know this post is over a year old but I am new here so I am just seeing it now. I am in Pittsburgh as well. I just saw Dr. Gardner at Presby and am not sure if I was impressed or not. He seemed nice enough but I did not leave feeling like I really really liked him, at this point I would say I’m on the fence. Not to mention I had to wait an hour and half past my appointment time to see him and he spent maybe 10 minutes with me. I had a cervical spine MRI a week ago and I still have not heard back from him, I even called and left a message. Can you tell me more about Dr. Benjjani. Where is he located and why do you like him? Again, I realize this post is over a year old but any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, yes I liked Dr. Bejjani but unfortunately he left his practice suddenly and transferred me to a colleague of his Dr. Friedlander. I have been dealing with heart issues as of the last year or so and haven’t been able to really address my Chiari yet as I found out today I have to have a pacemaker implant done. I live in upstate ny but feel free to reach it to me whenever. I can elaborate more on my experience if you like?