Crackling feeling in back of head?

I don’t know how else to explain it other than a “crackling” feeling that I get sometimes. When my neck feels really tight so I move it around, the base of my head will have a feeling like… Crumpling up a chip bag or something. Not regular cracking like at a joint- my neck does that, too. Lol but this is more on the back of my head, above hairline. It happens every once in awhile on worse days. I’m having it right now and was just wondering if anyone else experiences this? It’s a strange feeling and sorry if I didn’t explain it very well.

Hi Jamie,

I have the same exact cracking at the bae of my neck.I don't even remember when it started. I have been told I may have arthritis in my neck but then told that I don't as they don't see any arthritis on any x-ray or MRI, CT scan... I do have fibromyalgia.... I'm sorry I can't give you an answer to what it is but your not alone...

Take care...

I have crackling in my neck when I turn my head from left to right. I had this before surgery and was told I have arthritis in my neck according to an X-ray I told a few years ago. I just learn to live with it. Now since you mentioned it I wonder how much this have to do with Chaiari.

Hi Jamie.

I have the same crackling noise. Many years ago I had a massage therapist tell me that it may be that as the fluids/gases surrounding and through the upper spine are popped they make that 'crackling' sound and as its so close to the auditory nerve, we hear it clearly. That may be one explanation. As mine doesn't actually cause me pain, I've never really investigated it further. lol I'd never thought about it being related to my Chiari, hmmm. See this is why I am so glad to find some other people who have Chiari to talk to. I love it.

It is annoying and I know exactly what you mean. You're definitely not alone.


I have the same problem. I just had anterior cervical disectomy with fusion on March 4 and have chiari with a 13 mm hernniation I was wondering if it is the Chiari also

I have had this for awhile and it's more frequent post-surgery for me. Not sure what causes it.

I go back to my neurosurgeon on May 10 and I am going to ask him if it could be the Chiari

Doesn't everybody's neck/head crackle when they move it? So many things that I just think are normal...(of course I am moving my head back and forth!)

Wow! I have been experiencing this in head and neck; sometimes my neck feels like it locks then it makes that funny noise. I had the anterior diskectomy with fusion and allograft in January but it still occurs. I have undergone trigger point injections which do not truly last so the pain doctor wants to add pain cream to my regimen but I still do not know what the crackling noise is coming from or what does it mean?
I have a CT Scan on May 1st then I see my neurosurgeon, I will ask and get back with you guys if I get a definitive answer.

I see my NS this Thursday and I will ask if it relates to Chiari too.

Wow thanks for all the replies! Like with everything on here, good to know I’m not alone! I also get that feeling like my neck “locks” in place sometimes, but when I move it after that, it’s usually one big “pop” that makes me cringe but gives some relief. But then the “crackling” feeling on the back of my head is different from that too… It’s like a bunch of little sounds, I make my bf put his hand there and see if he can feel or hear anything and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. Lol (in a loving way)

My neck pops/cracks all the time when I turn my head. And where the incision is, it makes the crackling sounds- more like a water stream and only when I'm laying down. I asked my NS about this and he said this happens sometimes. Didnt explain why. I have no pain when it happens though.

I don't have Chiari (my son does) and I have the neck cracking/popping as well. So far my brain MRI looks clear and now they're doing a Cervical Spine XRay as it may be some type of a degenerative or arthritis type of issue.

Same "crackling" feeling here, except I'd describe more as a squishing, it almost sounds similar to sucking saliva through your teeth.

I have it almost everyone I move my head. It sounds like rice krispys!

I get these cracking noises in the back of my head but not in my neck as well. Sometimes other people can hear the crack because it can be loud.