Weird sounds when moving head

Today I noticed some cracking-like sounds when moving my head somewhere in the neck/base of the skull area. It's not only the sound. I also don't feel well. I'm a bit shaky. On thursday evening my breathing got worse. A bit scary worse and it hasn't really gotten easier. I haven't had it go worse for such a long time. Usually for 1/2 a day. I'm having 2 tests on monday, both for heart/arteries and am nervous. I don't know, I guess I just want to know if my shaky feeling might have something to do with the cracking sounds.

I noticed some cracking sound in my lower base part of my neck as well. It’s not all the time and reminds me of the arthritis in my knee. I don’t have any breathing issues, except pretty severe apnea. I also have some pretty significant arthritis in my cervical and thoracic spine according to the August MRI. I know I haven’t really answere your concern but wanted you to know you are not alone with the cracking. I don’t have the shaky feeling either.

Thanks! I appreciate your answer! I've been listening to it since I noticed it, and I feel like it's more of a squishy sound. Or both.

Hi, Fugu.

Sorry to hear of these symptoms. I just wanted to mention if you’re having worsening breathing issues, new symptoms and are generally continuing to feel unwell, it isn’t unreasonable to consider urgent care or ER ahead of your Monday appointments as well. You know your body best. I hope you feel better and find answers soon.



How are you feeling today Fugu?

Thanks, BaltimoreBaby!

Thanks, Jules, for asking! My breathing is better(but not ok) today.

I have the same crackling noises. Breathing sometimes feeling tight but I do suffer from asthma from allergies.

I have yet to notice any sounds or cracks when moving my head but I did notice YESTERDAY, that when I sit upright in a chair, lay my chest to my knees to streatch my neck and back…my breathing is cut off and my heads starts to throb like my pulse…kind like the circulation was cut off. But that’s a weird position to feel that in. Most peopel, at least my partner, can sit in that same position and breath fine.
W E I R D…

at the beginning of a respiratory course that I took last year, we did a similar series of movements in sitting and standing while monitoring our breathing. In some positions, different for different people, breathing was noticeably affected. If going through a treatment for breathing improvement, you might have myofascial restrictions, muscle tightness/triggers, primitive reflexes, or joint movement addressed to improve your breathing throughout the range of human movement and positioning. Not weird - just how our bodies are put together and respond to injury and tonal changes through the lifespan. You can get it fixed if you like but qualified folk are hard to come by.

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I have had neck cracking as well as a fluid sound for the last 2 years sometimes with pain or nerve issues like moving the neck and suddenly get a bit of pain or numbness.