Costachondritis question


I was diagnosed with costachondritis last week (I love being able to spell that, it's the only upside to this) I was checking the inflammation earlier today and lo and behold the ribs on the right side are now just as swollen as the ones on the left side, I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow (that's the earliest appointment sadly) It's with my GP not any specialist but I was wondering if it's normal for both sides to swell at the same time? I don't know if it's anything to worry about or not really so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also does anybody know what I can do to ease the pain? Or is it just rest?

Hey Oof! I have a lot of experience with costochondritis I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with it and it is very painful. I also have Lupus and this is one of the conditions that I got due to that my Rheumatologist said. It is not unusual to have both sides flare up at all. I at times have my entire rib cage flared and it will be very tender to the touch especially right in the middle of my chest bone. There has really not been anything that relieved me from the pain when I was really flared up. I’ve had steroid shots though and that seemed to help a little but I don’t like the side effects of the steroids. I will take ibuprofen and that will give a little relief. The best thing you can do for now is just lay down and rest. Moving irritates it a lot. Also I have pain when I breath in and especially when I take big breaths in. Do you have chest pain when you breath in? I hope when you see the Dr. he/she can help relieve your chest pain it is not just painful but very irritating. I haven’t tried ice or heat on my chest before but I would lay back with a heating pad on the upper part of my back and that helps a little also. I just had the decompression surgery June 2nd and I can’t believe that it seems like my costochondritis has got better because I was in constant pain from it. I wonder if my costochondritis wasn’t linked with my lupus but with the chiari somehow? Not sure it’s to early to tell I’m sure but I do have relief in my chest it’s wonderful! Let us know what happens at your Appt take care!

:slight_smile: Thanks, I feel an awful lot better knowing that it’s not a massive deal that both sides are swollen, I’ve heard it’s best to avoid car journeys, is there any truth in that?

Hey Oof! I haven’t been told to avoid car journeys by any of my Dr.s but they definitely can be uncomfortable and painful. The seatbelt agrivates my rib cage and the bumps make our ribs move so that agrivates the inflammation and creates more pain. Somif you can I would try and limit car journeys until your flare settles down. Try and get comfy with some pillows To cushion your rib cage I know even turning in bed can be painful. Take care!

Dear God this painful, I have to keep telling myself I’m not having a heart attack, breathing is such a pain sometimes, although according to my medical professionals it’s necessary, have I mentioned this is bloody sore. I’ve been prescribed more anti inflammation meds along with paracetamol, not enjoying this at all! Obviously! Does anyone know how long this lasts? :frowning:

I have no advice for you, but I was so excited (ok thats the wrong adjective) to see this post, and that someone else has costachondritis! I was diagnosed many years ago but have never known anyone else who has it! Anyway, I just have sporadic pain to the left of the breastbone. It seems to come in waves, and will go away for long periods of time. But when it comes back, its a sharp shooting pain in my chest. I just take ibuprofen for it. Good luck to you!

Hey guys! So I mentioned before about my costochondritis not bothering me since I had my decompression 4wks ago but now as I’m almost tapered off of my pain meds I’m feeling it again. I guess it was masked by the pain meds I was hoping that it may of been a chiari symptom and would possibly disappear. Well it’s not as bad as it was but I’m not completely clear of pain meds yet. I am wondering about what you mentioned Emmaline about being gluten free? I’m really interested in that also because I have lupus, Ra, and Sjögren’s syndrome and they’re all auto immune. I would be completely willing to go gluten free to get ride of more symptoms and help inflammation. I’m also considering going to see a nutritionist in a few weeks after I heal more to get help with a dietary plan. I want to be as healthy as I can to help my body fight all these crazy diseases and conditions.

Nykki wow I’m taking muscle relaxers since I had my decompression I wonder if those are what’s been helping so much with my costochondritis pain? I didn’t even think of that I’m so glad you mentioned it! Alrighty take care!