Chest pain?

I've had very sharp left sided chest pain which makes it very difficult to breathe and I can't take deep breathe (My pain is normally all on the right side) I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this? It feels like a massive needle is going straight through my chest to my back.

Oof, non cardiac chest pain can also come from costochondritis/Tietze syndrome. People with EDS are prone to this. I get it from time to time it’s sharp, stabbing and makes it difficult to take in the tiniest breath. You should have cardiac issues ruled out though.

I’m keeping a close eye on it and if my heart rate goes up again I’ll go to the ER because it’s a bank holiday here so there’s no doctors available until Tuesday, I’m nervous about it because of how severe the pain gets when I try to draw breath, my muscles in my back seize up and it makes breathing during the spasm nearly impossible!

I have the same pain. It's intercostal neuralgia. The nerves in between your rib cage are inflamed and Firring off and yes it is very painful. I called an ambulance the first time I had it cause I was sure it was a heart attack. Since then I have been on 1200mgs of gabipentin and it helps.

Hey everyone, firstly thank you all so much for all your kind words and thought over these rotten and terrifying last few days, I was sent to A&E by my physio today at three pm and at quarter to twelve I was finally seen by a doctor (By that point I was so annoyed I didn’t give a damn what was wrong anymore) but the doctor was lovely and very empathetic (which makes it impossible to be annoyed!) And after being checked for breast cancer (scared the bejesus out of me) I was sent for a chest x-ray and the results came back as a bad case of costachondritus, very painful but thankfully not dangerous! Thank you all again for all your help and support, think I would have had a nervous breakdown of I didn’t have you guys!! Xx

Dang, that costo is painful!! So glad it’s that and not something serious! So glad you waited it out. What did they say about the lump?

Same here! It’s pretty damn painful but I thought I was having a heart attack so I was pretty delighted when it came back as costo! The two ribs were badly inflamed and the really bad one is so inflamed that it’s causing the big lump, it’s now so swollen the rib (starting at the sternum to the edge of the chest) is pushing up to the top so it’s just under the skin! I know I was waiting for a long time to see the doctor and get the x-ray but to be honest it was so worth the wait to have some peace of mind!! Does it go away for good or flare up from time to time after the initial treatment?