Anti-Depressants... Any Suggestions?

Anyone else taking any AD's? (dumb question right?) If so, which ones and do they help?

A bit of history. First of all not to complain about my FCP, she is wonderful, takes great care of me and has always had the most concern and my best interest in mind. Since I have been pretty much homebound for the past couple of years, she even visits me once a month at home, with injections and needed Rx's etc. (Wait what century is this...). I am sure this is keeping me out of "assisted living", for now. My NL and NS are both shocked by that, yet neither has offered to do the same.

But, on her visit last month, I made a comment/joke, "that is was getting Old, living with all this pain, not able to do things, being a couple steps away from needing that Hover Round etc." Of course, it's not impossible to think about that kind of thing when you have a lot of pain, limitations, difficulties, being a burden on your spouse etc. then throw in adjusting to living on 90% less income (now on Social Security), it has not been easy.

So on her visit this Saturday she says "maybe it's time to think about an Antidepressant". Needless to say, a million thoughts going through my mind, like "after 30 plus years, now it's time", or "geeez, depression, you think so". But knowing she was only concerned for my safety, I withheld any such comments. It's not like I have the means or ability anyway, what am I going to do, drive to the Grand Canyon or something, Oh there goes that option, can't drive anymore (OK, I would probably get lost anyway). Besides I am someone's GrandPa, you know. So I reassured her I was "safe", and I would think about an AD.

So after all that dribble, it brings me back to the question. Any opinions on Antidepressants or suggestions. I am not looking for something that's going to make me sleep all day, or be off in La'La land (no pun about Los Angeles, intended), I have Opiates for that.

Thanks for the input.

G'Pa Jack

GJack, I tell you I had a couple of laughs thanks to your sence of humor- you are funny! Not funny though, what you are going through. Let us know what works for you, I’m interested for my own future use!