Here I go Again! Med Question..AND MORE!

Hi Gang!!!

1st I must start by saying HI all our newbies!!!! So glad you are here..this is a great place.

I was wondering if any of you guys have ever been on or are on Cymbalta??? I have been in a real defunk for the last 2 or so mths....mainly since my mom passed and I just cannot shake this down-trodden feeling.

Things are FINALLY going well here at home....Michael got a wonderful job ..1 mile from home....girls are well...ect..

I think , well I know, I am grieving over mom...but too, I am grieving the old me...the one that use to take steps 2 at at a time..the fun I feel like a dud. And to make matters worse..I look like an old hag!!!ha, ha...but true, sad to say!!!

I do not want to scare off our new members by sharing my hard season I am going through..I know it will pass.I had my decompression 8/08 and have had some positive results....which I am so thankful for...still struggle with some issues but, hey.....there is always someone out there that has it way worse..not that I want that either...but you guys know what I mean, right??

So Gang, bear with me, once always do!!!! Bless you ALL!!!!!

Take Care and Much Peace to you ALL.,


Hi Lori,

I’m very sorry about your mom. I was recently put on cymbalta for pain. I had surgery for Chiari 11/2008. I live in constant pain. I thought it might be helping but then I started experiencing very bad stomachs pains and my doctor took me right off of it. I have tried just about every medicine out there and have not had a lot of luck.
Have you started taking it and can you tell a difference?

Stay strong :slight_smile:

Hi Crystal...

Sorry you are still suffering...what are your main complaints, if you don't mind me asking??

I just started taking the Cymbalta yesterday..too soon to tell.

My main issues are balance, neck pain, head ache and leg weakness..mainly on my left side.




I have severe migraines, head and neck pain, weakness, pain and tingling in my left arm and leg caused by disc problems I’m having in my lower back, jaw/disc pain from jaw surgery 6 months ago. Not to mention all the other surgeries I’ve had. I’m a mess! It feels like I never fully recover and something else goes wrong with me.
Have you tried different meds or anything thing that has helped?

Stay strong :slight_smile:

Also, have you ever tried Botox for the headaches?

I'm sorry to hear all you are going through. We are here to listen. (((HUGS))) I have not taken cymbalta but a good friend of mine does for psoratic Arithritis and she says its a miracle drug.

Hope you have a better day!

Many Blessings!


Thanks you guys for all your support!!!


Hi my sweet friend Lori. Glad to hear things are going well at home.

Lori, I know you're hurting and missing your mom. It's a heartache that stays with you when you lose someone so near and dear. It's twice as hard when you're hurting physically as well as mentally. I've been feeling this way myself lately. Not sure where to turn sometimes. Just keep sharing your feelings with your family and friends like us. Bottling up your emotions isn't healthy for anyone. I've been learning this the hard way. Sorry, I have never taken Cymbalta.

Keep your chin up, you're wonderful!!


I was on Cymbalta After having my first child due to post partum depression and it worked great! My doctor had mentioned to me that cymbalata works with more than one of the chemicals in your brain unlike a lot of other medications used for depression. I felt balanced and NOT confused about my emotions. It also seemed to give me a bit more energy but didn’t interfere with my sleep. Over all I think I had a good experience with this medication…
Hope this helps!


You have been through so much and you are always here to help everyone else. So…don’t ever feel bad for needing a little help or support yourself:) In regards to your question, it has been proven that some antidepressents, including Cymbalta, are effective in treating neuropathic pain. So…it can help with pain and the depression that many of us suffer from. I like to say that I suffer from “situational” depression. My Chiari/Syringomyelia and constant pain cause my depression, NOT the other way around like some doctors have told us. I’m currently taking Pristiq, which was helping for awhile. I think it’s time for me to try something different too. I hope Cymbalta helps you to feel better physically and emotionally. You are a caring and compassionate person and you have a lot of people that care about you:)


What is the longest malformation you have heard of? Is 24mm bad?

lori said:

Hi Crystal…

Sorry you are still suffering…what are your main complaints, if you don’t mind me asking??

I just started taking the Cymbalta yesterday…too soon to tell.

My main issues are balance, neck pain, head ache and leg weakness…mainly on my left side.



Hi..,, never tried Botox for H/a...but it sounds like it may be worth looking into...maybe they could inject some all over my face!!!LOL Totally get ya when you tell about not feeling like you've fully recovered from 1 thing or another!!

Diana...Thanks for always being of such great the heck are you???

Katheryn....24mm WOW thats a biggie....I think Carla here had a herniation around that size..when do you see doctor??

How are you feeling??

Abby...I forgot you too take Cymbalta....I am happy it is helping you..Today I feel better and feel as though this may be the right choice in meds for me....thanks for your support and caring!!

Christine....Thanks so much for your are so is NOT good to keep these feelings to guys have been here for me from DAY 1...God Bless You All. I know exactly what you mean when you say somedays you don't know where to turn...I personally put it this way when trying to explain that feeling.."I don't know whether to zig or zag!!"

Overthis..Just love your name!!!!Welcome to the site..finding your way around ok???? Thanks for telling me of your experience...IT DOES HELP..Thanks!!!!!

Crystal....Thank you so much for your kind words...We are all in this together, right?? How is the Pritiq working?? You mentioned you may try something else...some docs try an "ADD-ON" med...for instance..keep you on current Pritiq and also add ,say, Prozac in addition.

My doctor was 100% right when she told me medicine is NOT an exact science and the only absolute they (the doctors) do know is that 10 out of 10 people die. We laughed when she said this..b/c it is true and I found it refreshing for a medical professional to be humble for a change!!!!

So, I guess , we all have to go 1 day at a time, do the best we can and be there for one you are all here for me....

I hope you all know that you have made a profound impact on my you are feeling a bit lonely or down..please know this much....You all have made a difference in my life.

God Bless you ALL!!!!


yep been on cymbalta and it was awful for me i had such a reaction to it, gosh it made me hurt so badly bones and muscle pains were unbelieveable...then i started itching...and was so drained all i wanted to do was sleep, it even triggered a headache in my eyes that everytime my heartbeat it felt like my eyeballs were going to fly out of my head, it even raised my BP to crazy high #'s................... So just be careful and aware of anything wonky with you if you are going to take it...

Thanks Lisa..I will be sure to keep an eye on BP ect..I am only on 30 mg week go up to 60mg per far no side effects..

thanks for the are ya???????

i hope you do well with it Lori, i think that was part of the problem with me i think the doc started me on to high of a dose too soon, another thing with that drug is it was super expensive my perscription ins sux as bad as my medical i wasnt to sad to see it go...LOL...

Me ...I am alive a kickin' and thats all i can ask for..actually today has been the FIRST decent day I've had in godgosh who knows how long..sure hope what ever fell inplace stays in place because i sure am enjoying this smilin' Lisa again ;)

All ok with you? How are you handeling things (emotions)? remember if ya need to bend an ear Iam here for ya..

just start shoutin' I'm bound to hear ya :P j/k

take care

~we're all in this together~


Lora ,

I tried Cymbalta & felt sick the whole time, but everyone is different. Try it and if it doesn't work then try something else. I to worry about scaring members that are new to Chiari. Especially the people that post & are asking questions for their ill loved ones.

I am sorry your Mother past away. I know that must have been very hard for you. Please know I am here for you anytime. My # is 804-■■■■■■■■. Call if you want to talk, cry or just get a good laugh at lamenting Chiari....


Thank you for your kindness!!