Migraines UGH!

Good Morning everyone!! Well I was really hoping that the increase in my meds would help with my migraines but they haven't. My seizures haven't decreased either. Next Monday I will be getting an Ambulatory EEG that I have to wear until Thursday. Hopefully it will be able to show what the heck is going on. Once I get all these issues cleared up then I hope to pursue the Chiari 1 matter with my Neurologist. I know they are all connected.

Wishing everyone a very happy Monday!!!

Thanks Ladies!! Today I got a scarf to wear on my head home from the doctors on Monday. I was feeling sad today. It just kinda hit me, another set of tests. I only allow myself a little bit of “pity time” and then I try to snap myself out of it. It’s hard though because I suffer from severe depression so I get really down. Well at least I have a really pretty scarf!! lol

Hi Carla,

Yes I have been taking antidepressants for years (cymbalta, seroquel, and xanax for my panic disorder). I take the seroquel for my racing thoughts and for sleep. Because of my depression I spend most of my time in bed because being anywhere else is just too difficult. But I manage somehow. My headaches and seizures only started about a year and a half ago. Then in January I found out I had Chiari 1. So with every new diagnosis I go into what I call a "funk". I am one of the lucky ones, I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive. I will keep you posted on how the ambulatory EEG goes. This should be interesting. lol


to have chiari and major depression along w/panic disorder.....is a lot to handle, to say the least....know you are cared for here...as well as others, i am sure...so glad you have a super hubby!!!

i totally get the funk too!!!!! when is the eeg?

keep us updated.

god bless you,


i dont suffer from depression, which is surprising for me, i have so many things going on, thats what gets me down, its situational downness, i think thats why i keep myself active, so i can feel like ive achieved something,

can you explain, high blood pressure head aches, chiari headaches, miragraine headaches?????



I give you credit for being so active considering how sick we can feel. I wish I could explain the differences between high blood pressure, chiari and migraine headaches. I don't have high blood pressure. It seems my chiari headaches are in the back of my head and my migraine headaches are in the front of my head. But then again, sometimes I get migraines all over my head.

I really admire you Joelene for being as physically active as you can. We all know that doing so releases Endorphins!!! Keep up the good work!!

i think exercise is good, and if you are only able to do 20min 3days aweek,

ive been lazy lately, but im so sore at the moment, im going to have a hot bath, and see if that helps, last night my back and chest hurt so bad, that it stopped me in my tracks and has to breath through it,

our weather is cooling at the moment, so i think it doesnt help