Well today is my surgery! In couple of hours I will be fast asleep and in surgery… Im really not nervous, actually more excited to have an end to all the headaches and pain and to a new beginning of feeling better! I will keep u guys posted! Thank you for all of your support!


We are all thinking and praying for you...can't wait to you are up to typing and keeping us updated!!!!

You will do just fine!!!!



I will be praying for you, your doctors and family also ~ speedy recovery! Here’s to new beginnings!

Praying for you!

Prayers and ((hugs))!

Praying that your surgery was a success, and you are feeling well tonight! (((HUGS)))

Prayers for you

thank u all from the bOttom of my heart! I was told surgery lasted about 5 hours and that everything went well! I didn’t do so well on the morphine so we are just trying to control thepain with muscle relaxers and other pain pills… So far sook good! I was up wasking today, even the stairs… So I think that’s pretty good for having surgery at 7
pm Monday night, I h ar been experiencing muscle tightness in the back of m head, but wouldn’t! Blurry vision , light headed ess and if course HEADACHE!!! But I’m on he road to recovery so I can deal with it for w little bit!

Thank you for your positive thoughts and well wishes!!! They are vert much appreciated! I couldn’t ask for friends!

Hi !!!

Thanks for your update........Keep us posted ...whenever you can. You are in thought and prayer.



just do what Dr Heffez says and take it easy Krissy has learned that the hard way and she is dealing with spinal headaches.Iwill continue to pray for u!!!