A Little Something Odd?!?

Question… Since surgery I have been having this odd sensation as if I am bobbing in water or on a boat when I sit for a few minutes. Especially at the computer or dinner table. My whole body feels as if it is a little bouncing ball, no pain, just up and down like a yo-yo. Has anyone else had this?? Does it go away?? I am prone to Sea Sickness (LOL)!!

Wow, Crystal. That sounds really weird. Does it make you nauseated like sea sickness does? I don't know what to tell you about that. I've never experienced that or heard of anyone else that has. Maybe someone here has experienced it! Be sure to keep track of it and tell your physician.

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I doesn't make me sick, just my heart starts going a mile a minute as if I am in panic mode. I am going to ask my NS when I speak with him about my recent MRI results.


Do you think there could be pressure on my cerebellum still, even after decompression surgery? My NS performe a very aggressive surgery and removed the entire tonsils and what ever else he needed to do. Or that is what he explained to me and I totally trust him.

Thanks for the comments and info Ladies!!

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Crystal, I used to get seasick a lot until I had my surgery. I almost had a sensation of things moving, especially when I was walking - the ground looked like it was moving up to meet me. And - I would get seasick in the bathtub - TMI I know. I haven't had any of that since my surgery - that part went away. I hope it goes away.....I know that feeling is awful.