Need help with possible new symptoms, please!

Ok, so I have had the dizziness/lightheadedness for years. Usually it only last for a few seconds, few hours or the day. But I am now on day 4 of consecutive dizziness and lightheadedness, to the point I can't turn my head or move my eyes, eat or doing anything but lay my head down. On top of this, my lips and the tip of my tongue started going numb on Sunday, which has NEVER happened before.

I put a call in to my NS' office yesterday, but he was in surgery all day, so his MA told me to go to the ER. So I went, they did a CatScan, it showed nothing abnormal, so they sent me home with nothing, but to follow up with my NS. Now, when I went in my blood pressure was 133/77, when they discharged me it was 91/64, I usually run around 117/70. I wasn't in much pain when I went in, so I'm not sure why my BP was so high.

I have put in another call to my NS' office and I'm hoping that he can get back to me and get me in the office today or something b/c I can't handle this much longer.

Have any of you experienced such a change like this before?

Emmaline, I had a Cine MRI done in January before I had a "minimally invasive" form of decompression, which only helped with the pressure. My NS told me in August that we were gonna have to look at doing the full surgery, but wanted to have a LP, EMG and NCS done first. Which hasn't been ordered yet, even though I have called 3 times to find out what was going on. And of course, I put a call in to him yesterday and today about this and have yet to hear from him. So aggrevated right now, I'm calling and filing a complaint with his office and hospital tomorrow!!

Emmaline said:

Yes, it may mean your symptoms are increasing and some action is required. Have you had a Cine MRI yet? It may be the next step towards surgery for you.

I'm sorry that your symptoms have increased, we've all been there. Take it easy and rest while you feel this way.

Thank you Emmaline.

Emmaline said:

I had some blood patches before my surgery, they didn't do much, but I understand why they do them. sometimes changing the pressure helps people a lot.

Hang in there and keep calling the office!