5weeks post op and off to the ER

Spent my entire day in the ER yesterday with every doctor going back and forth what was wrong with me. The NL and the resident NS both were leaning towards mini stroke. After lots of test they determined no stroke but after consulting with the NS that was on that day ( unfortunately stuck in surgery by the time he was consulted) think that I am dehydrated and that maybe my brain is pressing on something causing the drooping of my mouth.

Anyone else have a similar experience? I am going to my NS on Wednesday morning and doing nothing between now and then.

Oh No!!!

Sorry you are going through this. I am sorry ..I cannot give you my experience on this b/c it has not happened to me.

Can you call the NS office and see if he can see you today...skeeze (sp) you in...plead your case with the office manager.

Good luck and let us know whats going on.

Peace and Prayers,


my daugter was at ER for dehydration. even though she drinks water all day.and is not allowed cokes.the dr said it is orthostatic hypertension and she had to increase her water to 2 liters a day and increased her iodine intake.im slowing seeing a difference in her.but she never had the droping face.


I wish…he is away until Wednesday, and it hasn’t gotten worse, it just has me worried. I think I may have over done the walking taking the girls trick or treating today but I am off to bed now and have nothing but rest on Tuesdays agenda!

Amanda, thanks for the input…apparently they feel my brain maybe pressing on a nerve causing it. We also explored the idea of Bells Palsey, but I had that before and this is so different. So crossing fingers til Wednesday