9 months post-op

Hi everyone! So it has been 9 months since my decompression. The surgery went great, but I still have a lot of neck weakness, headaches behind my eyes and motion sickness. I have already done physical therapy and that seemed to make things worse. It was so hard because just doing basic exercises wore me out. I can't do the things I used to because my neck gets so tired out. I was supposed to start school to become a dental hygienist last September but in August I had this surgery and in March I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed. My doctors don't think I will be able to handle the difficult program and I completely agree. I thought by now I would be doing more and be back to school, but I have been sticking to some online courses.

Thank you! It helps me out so much knowing that I am okay and am recovering like I should. It is frustrating. My surgeon told me before I had the surgery that I would be able to start the dental program the month after I had surgery. I thought he was crazy! I just try to keep positive and take it one day at a time.

It means a lot to me how kind you are and how helpful you are! Going through all of this can become very frustrating and difficult. It is nice to hear from others that it does get better. I am very fortunate to have an amazing mother who never doubts me or complains that I am being lazy. But I do have other people in my life who are like that. And they can be real downers and make me think that I should be "healed" by now. But they have no idea. I told someone that after they have gone through everything I have been through, then they can tell me how I am supposed to feel. Thank you again for your kind words! It is nice to have such great support :)