Worsening symptoms with period

I was just wondering if all of you ladies have a sudden worsening of symptoms duing your periods? I never noticed this in the past because I have had so few periods(always either pregnant or nursing!haha). The last three times though I have gotten very bad the day before until about the third day. I never suffered from pms or anything and it is definitely Chiari symptoms that creep up.

What bugs me about the epidural is I had vaguely remembered reading something about that while I was pregnant with my last child. I brought it up to my neurologist at the time and he said "No, go ahead and get one. I told you your Chiari was too small(5mm at the time) to be causing your symptoms". Well after she was born was when my symptoms progressed more rapidly...and the herniation grew to 7 mm!

My periods are pretty normal...no pms, no heavy bleeding, last about 5 days. They are very irregular though...about every 35-50 days. My thyroid always comes up perfect. It just seems like the headache, neck pain, dizziness, and nausea get worse right around my period.

Thanks, Abby, I just checkd out that link. I also noticed on there a “floating feeling”. that’s interesting to me because that is how I feel when I step off an elevator! It takes me about ten minutes to feel like I am not floating! I also sometimes feel the ground moving. The first time I felt it I was in a store and thought the building was moving. I looked at everyone else’s face and realized I was the only one feeling it!


I definitely notice a few days where symptoms are worse or occur in bigger clusters. I had a uterne ablation done in July, I was on HRT and began non-stop bleeding, so now I …oh stink what is the word…have just enough for a pantyliner…constantly. I say that to say, I have no idea when I am actually cycling. Other than the clustering or flare up of symptoms.

BTW, totally understand the babies and nursing. I spent much of adult life doing both. And I don’t do elevators well.

Hope you’re not in too much pain.