When to say...it is time

Hi Guys....

Hope you are all having a great long w/e.....

Well, here it goes...about 2 mths ago, i started having a series of falls...ended up with very tiny fracture in my right hand..no big deal....but after ,I think it was a total of 5 falls in a short period of time..I was Dx'd with RSD..REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY.....anyway..was referred to a rehab doc by the ortho.....This new doc is wonderful...calls just to check in and see how I am....

So, on my last visit with him he did a lot of talking to me and as well used a TENS on the arm/hand...then he also did deep muscle stretching under my left shoulderblade b/c of all the falls , I was in major spasm....next time he said he would use Lidocaine to numb it and "really get in there"...

Sorry this is so very long..I am just at the end of my rope here....so doc hounded me and hounded me about getting a cane.....I told him I would think about it..then he got firm....

After last nite..I think it is time.....Gang...I am sad over thih.I fear my kids will feel embarrassed to be seen with me...silly, i know...but that is how I feel. In the realm of thing....this is minor..I have much to be grateful for...

Does anyone else use a cane???

I love you all...this is my Safe Haven!!!!!

Bless you all,


Lori, hope you had a nice w/e too. I had a nice week with family from TX. Very tired from it. Not easy entertaining in my condition. I'm sorry to hear about your falls. Your entitled to feel the way you do, but don't feel emabarrassed by using a cane. I have one too. I rarely use it, but I know it's there. Your family I'm sure understands. Its makes a difference on my bad days. When I'm feeling a little shaky some days, it's nice it's there to balance me. Get a pretty one and you're kids will think its cool. My daughter loves mine.

Thinking of you. With much love,

Christine XO


I think it would be wise for you to at least try using the cane to see if it helps. Your children will get used to it and look at it as just being another step in acceptance. I know it is very hard to give in and admit that we need help, but once you make that step everyone will be happier knowing that you are safer. Your kids love you and don't want to see you hurt. Hang in there, my friend. Everything will work out.

Love you,


You know, I almost totally forgot that I have a cane too from when I sprained my ankle last summer. I am not going to hesitate using it if I feel that I need it. I will be thinking “oh well, Lori uses one, I guess I can too”! LOL!

Thanks to you ALL!!! You caring and support means more than you know.

God Bless,


We love you, Lori! Especially ME!

Love you MORE,CARLA!!!LOL You guys are the BEST.....

Well.....Dr. called just now....he wasn't happy......but I did tell him I have a cane NOW...kinda like shutting the door after the horse is out..oh well, thats me, part of my charm...always doing things half as**ed!!!

He was kind enough to tell me not to make an appt..that he will look at me and talk with me at my moms appt.on Saturday...he knows hubby is laid off...think he is just trying to help me out in all ways....I am very lucky!!!

Hope you are all well...