Walking stick

i brought a walking stick today, to help when my legs dont work, and balance issues

i felt like a fake using it,

is this normal to feel this way, will i always feel this way with equipment,

Does anyone else have equipment to aid them?

How do you cope with feelings that go with it.

Am i giving up on myself for getting things to make my life easier?

Will i now be seen a disabled person,

This hasnt been brought up yet in our talks,

Time to discuss



You need to talk with Lori. She is also struggling with using a cane to help her walk and keep her from falling. I think it is a big step to take and one that is not always to accept. We need help at times, and we need to work on accepting that about ourselves. You may be seen as a disabled person, but so what! If it keeps you balanced and safe, then you must use it. If you couldn't walk at all, you would use a wheelchair, right? That is one of the problems with Chiari/Syringomyelia. No one can actually SEE what we are feeling. Maybe using a cane/walking stick will help bring awareness to this disorder. Maybe it will give you an opportunity to tell people why you are using the walking stick and what your disorder is! Don't think of it in a negative way, but in a positive way to help you and to inform others:)

Love you,


Dear Jolene...

I feel exactly the same way you do!!! I am now the proud owner of a cane.... I fell again and this time messed up my rt. leg..taking steroids now b/c doctor feels as though it is RSD caused all these falls.

I have been extremely down as of late and I know there are folks who have it so much worse..I am trying to snap out of this pissy mood.

Carla.....you a very wise...thanks for post...maybe good will come of it..Chiari Awareness!!!



carla thats a great way to think about it,

i used the stick to take the kids to school, my friend told me "about bloody time"

i wasnt as scared as i thought i would be,

i told my husband i got one, he said cool,

i swollowed my pride and its time to accept that im not well, and have issues,

I also had a thought, lol that if i take the stick with me for all my upcoming appointments, would the surgeon and nuero take me more seriously?

im sorry lori that you had another fall, i hope that heals well for you

its ok to feel like that, You are allowed to feel the way you do, remember, its chiari not you,


Thanks Joelene!!!

Hope you feel better soon , too!

Jolene & Lori,

You two are the most amazing women! You are both so strong and inspirational:) I am so proud to call you both "friends". Please try to rememer how awesome you are when you are feeling down, and remember, too, that we all love you very much:)



Carla, Abby and Joelene:

Many thanks for your kind words.....I am getting ready for bed and jumped on here..OUR SITE...and read replies by you guys...I feel less alone right now....Thank you , friends.

God Bless,


abby thats sooo funny

i was saying that to the kids, lol,

carla you are also amazing, and thankyou for saying that, i made me feel stronger,

lori im glad you feel better, get a good rest

Hi gang...you guys are the best!!!!!

Joelene..I have a cool walking stick I got last yr at one of the country fairs...too high for me...but now i am on the look out for a pretty cane!!

Love ya 's !!XOXOXOXOX


i saw these beautiful canes, ohhh they come in lovely colours, pink i wanted the pink,

i will get one if i find i end up using it more often, for now i just got a rehab stick,

ohhhh but i wanted colour, lol

i used the stick all day yesterday, whoa my family took me more seriously, my sister even carried my shopping, lol

and i had people ask me what had happened

do you find that lori?

funny you can see it when holding a cane, people then care,


I haven't found a pretty cane yet...Yes, people do ask me what happened when I am seen with the cane....I get kinda paronoid that folks around here think I am crazy b/c it is always something with me.

I also think my family is desensitized by it all...since there have been so many ailments, surgeries and falls.....do you ever feel that way about your family??

God Bless,


lori my family has never cared enough to even ask a thing,

my mother hasnt seen my new stick, and her words would be "drama queen, just wanting attention"

ohhhh its sad at times.


Yes Abby..Joelene and I are now the new Trend-Setters...You just wait...canes and walking sticks will be the rage soon!!LOL

Joelene...You are NOT A DRAMA QUEEN!!!!...It does get frustrating when family seem unaware of our pain and struggles..maybe it is too difficult for them to deal with emotionally...that is giving them the benefit of the doubt!!!!

Some of my family members are like this.."If you don't talk about it..it doesn't exist"

Thank God for this site!!!!!!

Love ya's,


Been there, done that with the wheelchair and a walker for about a year in 2008 and 2009 - didn't mind it so much and wasn't embarrassed to use them. I guess I'm fortunate, but no one ever commented on them to me except to ask me what happened. I am glad to be rid of them now. If I need them again, I wouldn't hesitate to use them. It's just such a pain to haul them around everywhere you go. but you gotta do what's necessary to stay safe. Sometimes that MAY mean using it the way Abby is suggesting!!!

My friend has a really pretty cane......WITH RHINESTONES on the handle...you might want to find one of those......it's really pretty and a girl needs her bling!!! Hope everybody is having a pain free day.



hehehehehe abby i do have other uses for the cane, lol oh makes me laugh.

shirley rinestones i like the sound of that, lol, i will have to keep my eyes open, i do like bling.

my family dont ask, it use to get get mad and upset, but then a special lady said to me,(abby )"its there lost, they are the ones missing out on such a wonderful lady", and you know i never looked back,

now im learning that i dont tell, ha more for them,

im worth more than they give me,

shirley how are you?


Doing pretty good Jolene.......



thanks shirley.

i have to go about my life, if i worried about what everyone did or didnt do then i would never get through it,

what matters is me,


Jolene, one thing I have learned over the years is that you can't change anybody and you can't make people care in the way we want them too. It IS hard to let go though, especially when it is family involved. But we do have to or it eats us up inside. That is not good for our health. I'm glad you have resolved to get on with your life the way it is and concentrate on what's good for you. That IS what's good for you, my friend.....you're right, we do have to concentrate on what helps us get through the day......the love of the little people is so special and it goes a long way. I loved it when my kids put their arms around my neck and told me they loved me.....I'm so happy for you thst you have that positive in your life too.