Anyone Dx'd with RSD...Reflex Sympathatic Dystropy?


just got back from ortho doc d/c of my now 3 falls in the past 2 week...only a tiny Fx in my hand...up to my elbow is hard as rock....going for mri saturday and seeing some doc tomorrow that deals with this..just wanted to know if any of you guys have this or know anything about it.




thanks carla for all your info/research...

rsd in my case was due to the falls.

love ya,


Update 0n RSD.....still hurts like heck BUT...going in the right direction....doc feels as though it was tx's in time and will be a long tedious process to get hand/arm back to baseline again..tapering off perdnisone...then we will access what kind of tx to do from there...

Thank God the doc feels as though it was caught in time so it may not spread to other limbs!!!! Yeah!!!!

God Bess,