Doctors Appt today

Hi Gang.....

I have to go see the rehab doctor today b/c he needs to look at my arm 1st he didn't think it was Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy , this no steroids. Now he wants me to go back on the steroids and then start PT.....the ortho wanted me to do PT 1st..with no Prednisone. The pain is now spreading to the palm of my hand....

For those who don't know my crazy a nutshell, b/c my balance is off b/c of Chiari...I have had many falls in the past few mths...Dx's with RSD....very painful.

So..guys, wish me luck....This entire ordeal has only added to my stress level and as of late I have become very depressed.

Love to you all,


I hope you feel better soon! Good luck with your .appt

I am sending you some serious hugs and prayers! Hope everything goes well :(



Hi Guys...thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

The dr. put me back on prednisone and our plan is to start PT once the pain and swelling is under control.



I hope you do well and that symptoms improve. What were your symptoms? Reason I am asking is I have has a crazy burning pain.

@Patty is this the 1stI time you’ve ever felt the burning feeling? I bet where it burns you are numb also? K have a burning feeling in my hand, arm and shoulder and the sheets even hurt when it touch it. I hare that feeling sometimes it burns so bad I can’t help but cry.

Christine...I 100% agree with you on meds..I too, use natural things as well as traditional meds...I use essential oils which, at times help with the pain.

Being that this is is a classic case of I am not opposed to the Prednisone to bring down the internal swelling..3 weeks on it.

Patty...My Sx's are pain and skin color and texture changes forearm looks like I am a burn victim survivor. Also the forearm is hard as a rock....nothing is broken. Now..this is all cased by numerous falls..b/c of poor balance.

I do have that burning pain in my feet which is believed to be caused by Chiari..however, I must has improved since surgery will be 3 yrs late next mth.

Tracy.....totally get what you saying about the sheets....use to hang my feet out of the bedding it was that painful.

Hope everyone has a painfree w/e.