New doc today

Hi Gang!!!

I am going to a new "Spine Specialist" this am.......He is local and i wanted his input on the new MRI and new Sx's w/mid-lower back as well as leg (both ) pain and weakness.

My left leg was the isse before PFD..never the rt. side...

pls pray for me ....Love ya's


Thanks Abby and Susan:

.. depressed beyond words..been crying and keep stop....He said MRI of neck "looked good"....he is more concerned over thorasic/lumbar spine...had no reflex at all on rt leg..along with pain/burning...i am done..i don't want to be this way. my girls deserve better.

Have you been tested for tethered cord?

Many thanks for all your support and kind words!!!

Jennifer, no , i have never been tested for tethered cord. good question,though...thanks for your input!!!

I would be thrilled to hear the doc say "MRI looks good"..IF I had no pain, no weakness in both arms ect...

I do not have another surgery in me..if PT could help that would be great..but to here this guy who , in my presence "glanced" at the MRI..I am being overly generous..he looked at the screen for maybe 20 seconds..

Because of my lower extremeity issues he ordered MRI of thorasic and lumbar spine....Don't get me wrong, this doc was very nice...when he told me the neck 'looked good'..i was go taken back that i din't ask him what was causing the pain, then?? what I did say was" I must be going crazy then if the MRI is good". He responded adamantly, "YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!"..thats where I dropped the ball and should have asked.."whats causing the pain in C-Spine, numbenss and weakness in both arms??

He then moved on to my mid/lower back pain , leg weakness, loss of sensation, gait way off..look like i am drunk walking.

MRI this coming tuesday for both lumbar and thorasic spine..go see him Fri for results.

Last night I was in so much pain and overall a mental case w/crying and feeling like they won't get to the bottom of this.

This morning i woke up feeling mentally stronger..It hit me while having java to wake up......Dr Dora is my primary...she told me last mth when she ordered the C spine MRI.."With all the work you've had done in that area, we are going to have a tough time finding a doc to take you on..most surgeons don't like to go in where another surgeon has been 3 times"

what do you guys think??? He doesn't dare touch the neck b/c a NS did all 3 surgerys??? However he ordered the other MRI's....I'm a "clean pallet " in that are ..virginal!! never cut>>>>

At the end of the day..surgeons, like all other docs are running a business..they all want success stories...i get that...why open a crazy can of worms with me, he must be thinking about the neck issue???? from a business stand point..he is 100% right is non life threating harm on foul by blowing it off...just a thought ..whatcha think???

You guys are great!!!!!

Love and Hugs,