Second Appt with NS - 05/25/11

I have my Spine MRI and second appt with the NS Tomorrow. I sure hope he has some answers. I’ve been on the B12 for a month now and feel somewhat better. I also have been taking Vitamin D supplements. I do still have lots of symptoms. Numbness, vertigo, headache, balance issues that may not be related to the B12.

I did see an NS last Friday for a 2nd opinion and was so frustrated after I saw him. He basically told me opposite of what the first NS, my NL and PCP said. He was ready to schedule surgery to help with my severe headaches. My main complaint was not the headaches. It was the blurry vision, vertigo, weakness and balance so essentially he didn’t listen to me. He proceeded to tell me that he does about 3 Foreman Magnum Decompressions a year that is not enough experience in my book to let him touch me. He called my 7 mm herniation significant. I don’t know, I just had the feeling he wanted to practice on me or saw $ since I have good insurance.

I am hoping that I will have a good appt tomorrow.

Thanks for listening! Hope everyone is having a pain free day!


Hello Diana,

I hope all is well with you today! Your DR sounds like the first DR I had knife happy. He scheduled me 2 MRI'S and after looking at those he set a a surgery date like a week after. When his nurse called with the date I told her to hold off on that date I was getting a second opinion. Now I'm scheduled for surgery in 5-26-11 at Emory in Atlanta. I hope that all goes well with your 2nd appt. Keep intouch.

Love Tradee30


Good luck tomorrow. I hope that the spine MRI is helpful for your doctor so that he can make a good recommendation for you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and please let us know the outcome as soon as you are able:) Take care, my friend! Love,


Hey Diana,

Today you are having your spine MRi...You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Pls keep us updated..



My appt was good. I don't have a syrinx so we are going with a wait and see approach. I have a follow up MRI scheduled in 6 months. I am suppose to call if my symptoms worsen. I guess I need wait and see what symptoms I have left once my vitamin levels are normal. My levels will be retested in Sept.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Tradee30, Hope your surgery is successful tomorow. You will be in my prayers!