Newley Diganosed on 8/1/11

Hi everyone! I went to the N/L 9/2/11. He told me that it was to far out of his hands & sent me to a N/S that i go to on 9/23/11. I also have scoliosis & the N/L i seen said he will order for the N/s to do a cine MRI the day i go to him. Hope it comes out ok. I have so many problems going on & just hope this doctor im about to see will help me get some relief. Living with Chiari is no fun. I have three small children. Twins (boy & girl) age 3 & a 18month old son, so that also puts alot of extra stress on me but wouldnt change it for anything! I’m also on facebook under Kelly Hann’s Chiari Page fell free to send me a request! I’m open to any advise are questions you may have so feel free to ask Thanks & hope you all have a pain free day!!!


Boy, you are lucky in the fact that your NL is well versed in Chiari..every NL I saw was clueless.

I had the Cine MRI as well....same as reg. MRI..just done by a radiologist to check for CSF abnormalities.

If you are anything like memory is SHOT TO HECK!!!! So...write a list of ALL symptoms...even if you think they are not related to Chiari.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!