Mri update!

Thank you all for your replies. I knew something wasn't right! I called this morning and spoke to Dr.s secretary. The whole scenario was a mess. I asked to go to the hospital that I used to work at. !st mistake! Secretary told me they usually don't order there but with what she ordered they should have been able to do what the Dr. wanted. WRONG! My NS wanted a MRI of brain, C spine and T spine with a flow study of my CSF. Not hard for an experienced person to follow orders. When I told her, she offered to call them and speak to them, I told her no just put me where they are usually done. I am now going Monday night to another one of their offices in Ballantyne to have it done in their mobile MRI and the Dr. will have the results when he is in the office on Tuesday. I am glad that I picked up on the fact that something wasn't right and grateful to all of you for your input. I never did find out what the GCM was but wasn't those offices around the country at this point I am going to get the right test at the right place and that's all that matters.

Thanks to all


Way to advocate for yourself! There is never a silly question!

Thanks Shandier! If I had not kept on being so forceful with my symptoms and complaints I would not be under evaluation right now! This showed up as a mild chiari malformation 2 yrs ago. Went to a NS and was told it was nothing and not causing my problems. Well 2 years later, symptoms increased and the right Drs. listening to me this NS believes in me and saw on that old MRI the problem! It is the symptoms not always what appears on the MRI. IF one thing I have learned as I used to work in the medical field. The Drs. are human, not GOD....if you don't pursue and advocate they will never be able to help you....of course, having the right Drs. help! Have a great day! Lily

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Nice, good job!