Well, my friend got a new MRI today

We don't have the report but we do have the images. This is the most clearest one from the group that could possibly be the chiari. I think their machines are just super old or something. Mine are from a different medical group and super crisp and clear. She is switching Dr.'s anyways...long story. I was thinking last time I posted for help on identifying whether or not it was a chiari it looked suspicious but this just looks downright for sure! I mean, if this isn't in her report, what does she do? Take this MRI to her new Dr? Ask them to re-read it?

That looks like a Chiari to me.

I agree. It looks a whole lot like my MRI’s. If it isn’t in the report she should definitely take it with her to her new Dr.

Curious but what is that small black dot on the other side of the brain stem? Or what I’m thinking is the spinal cord/brain stem area. There is a black dot. Anyone know?

Abby said:

She appears to have herniation below her Foramen Magnum, which classifies her to have Chiari. I agree the MRI is a bit foggy. The good news appears that it is not touching her brain stem and she has space for fluid to flow. I would agree to take this to her new doctor for his review.

I'm gonna tell her it's where her weirdness is stored, heehee....

Seriously though, she is switching to my Dr. which was the first of three prior dr.'s I had to actually tell me about my Chiari malformation. So I trust her. My friend is going to ask this new medical group to re-read her MRI. Thank you ladies for your help.