FINALLY neurosurgeon

Well the series of tests that the nl did lead her to have to admit to me lol that IT IS the chiari that is the issue with me. Well as if I didn’t know that. Let me tell you that was the worst experience of my life, she was curt, rude and I’m so happy that part of the process is over. With the extra MRI a thorasic spinal stenosis was found along with a syrinx and the chiari. I kept thinking… Anything else??? Ive got to quit having these MRIs they keep turning up things. So a ns called and made the appointment for January 11, does anyone know what will happen at this appointment? Does anyone have this combination of chiari stuff going on? I.e. chiari, syrinx, thorasic stenosis?? What does this mean for me and my wonderful highlight job in my hair? What are the dangers? On another note I have my second appointment with the neuropsychologist tomorrow it’s the three hour long one for my memory loss, the last one which was the first was only about an hour. He was very nice, but we will see if he can figure out why I can’t remember 40% of my day. Have a great day everyone :))

I’m actually seeing a dr. Varsiman in San Antonio, his office told me that chiari and base skull surgeries are his specialties so I will give him a chance since he is fifteen minutes from home then move on if I’m not happy. I did finish my neuropsychology testing today and that was five fun filled hours of displaying how much I can forget and show them lol. What I did learn is that if I see something I tend to remember it better than hearing it. Literally goes in one ear and out the other. I do not think I’ve had the cine MRI I’ve had the brain, neck, cervical, thorasic, all MRI and let me say I know I’m whining but I HATE MRIs hate em I say!!! Hate them. I’m sure I have crappy flow with the Stenosis I would think that would be obvious. Do you really mean you were smart and normal again after the surgery?? There are mo nets where my own family looks at me like I’m “special” or I grew horns or something .

Dr. Vardiman

Hi Brandi...

I love your humor!!! Good luck at the NS appt.

How are you feeling today??