Post CSF flow study, lower back MRI follow up

Well, I am back from the NS and I guess I have good news. No tethered cord, no sphinx (or however it is spelled), and good flow. Bad news is I still have all my symptoms and a 10.9 herniation. I'm thinking since Dr. Oro takes my insurance maybe I should get all my results and send them to Colorado. What do you think? I asked him why all of a sudden, before I even knew I had a ACM, I developed all these symptoms. He said "A lot of things can cause those symptoms." Duh, but I have a ACM that explains my symptoms. I'm just confused as to why he is now passing me over to a NL to be tested for other things that can cause the things I'm experiencing. Am I being ignorant? I don't think I need further tests....just a new NS. :-) Hope everyone has a great day!


Fire that joker!!!! I have read only good things about Dr. Oro.....send him you reports and see what he has to harm in getting his input. Let us know how you make out.



The radiologist read my flow as normal too and my first neurologist accepted that. the second neurologist read it himself and told me flow was blocked anteriorly. The neurosurgeon agreed that it was blocked. He said radiologists often miss read this. radiologists are trained to look at a million different things but are experts in nothing.

Thanks Lori and Jennifer! I am for sure gonna get them all together and send them to Colorado. I will post as soon as I hear back from them. :-)


Good luck, Marlena ,

Be patient in hearing back from him...sometimes it takes a few weeks to hear back. How ya feeling today???