What is the best way to wash your hair without hurting yourself, or messing up the Incision?

Dear Chiari peeps,

I was wondering how I can wash my hair without hurting myself, and still washing the hair completely out! I have tried scrubbing doing sections at a time and doing it like normally. BUT!! It is hurting my head, and I have a tiny Infection. I don't know what to do!! 0_o

Please HELP!! :)



Kristie how long are you post-op?

when i washed my hair i had my husband help me i sat on a stool and we have a wand shower head (which was gotten because of those pre-surgical issues) and i used BABY shampoo because it is gentle and if it gets into the inscision it doesnt burn as much and or cause more irritation...worked great... (if you dont have a bathroom stool a plastic step stool is good or even a plastic milk create use a towel on it so its more comfy on your butt(those bumps on the stepstools are not so comfy-lol)-and if you dont have a tub mat you may need a towel on the bottom so it doesnt slide)

have you tried leaning over your kitchen sink and washing your hair that way? you may find it less painful but watch it when you stand back up that head rush can some times get ya depending how far over you have to bend....DO NOT get down on your knees and bend over your bathtub...

Kristie try all that Lisa said haha

I was going to post about the kitchen sink. Thats what we did. We took a kitchen chair and I kneeled on it. I didn't have to bend my head as much for that as I did the tub. And my mom washed my hair. Definitely when it is done, stand up very slowly so you don't get dizzy or lightheaded.

- Lisa
I am a Month and 13 days, but I have an Infection, so it is very sensitive.
That is why I asked for ya'll's help. :)

baby shampoo wont irritate it as much as other shampoos will- after you are done washing your hair and brushing it- have someone lightly rub a little (with a Qtip) anitbiotic cream on the area, but not to much that adds smootz to your hair.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
Is there a way the water could just stop hurting my insicion. :frowning:

The water is so strong on my head…

I'm 5 months post op today and it still hurts to wash my hair. It's very sore and tender. I've tried baby shampoo as well. All shampoo or any kind of scrubbing hurts. I can't believe it still hurts after all this time. Just gonna take time Kirstie. My neuro tells me that the tenderness can take a while to disapate.

Christine :)