Shaved head

I have upcoming decompression surgery on sept 1. The dr said he will be shaving a 2" wide by pretty much top of my head to bottom my hair grows back very slow. So here's the question since after surgery I wont be able to wash my hair for a few weeks and its 115 degrees here in ok. I need opinions on whether short or long hair is easier to care for afterwards? It doesn't bother me to have part of it shaved so I dont need it long to cover up. Did anyone cut there hair short right before surgery? I am just thinking short would keep cleaner less tangled in the few showerless weeks after surgery.

Hello :)

My surgery is this Thursday and I chopped my hair. I figured it would be easier to take care of and less issues.

Hope that helps and best wishes for your upcoming surgery!


I think I’m keeping mine long…I like to twist it up and I think I’ll need that option. Anyhow buy some waterless shampoo, ask for it in the drugstore. It isn’t the same as shampooing, but it helps it to look cleaner and smell cleaner. I already have 3 bottles because it can be hard to come by so I grab it when I see it.

I was able to wash my hair about 2 weeks after surgery. Granted I don’t have long hair like you gals.

Why are they cutting so much of your hair? Yes use the waterless shampoo.

Thanks guys! I have not heard of waterless shampoo - Ill have to check the stores for some.

Tradee- Im not completly sure why so much i know they are planning on removing/ or shrinking my cer tonsils and removing part of my vertebrate so maybe thats why? He also said he would make a second incision up higher where he would take the skin or "material" to replace where he has to open and expand the dura.

Allison, it is a liquid that you apply to your hair and then rub it with a towel( to absorb the excess and oils) then you can let it dry naturally or blow dry…I’ve used it for previous (ear) surgeries and it is a must for feeling better…I am too lazy to get out of bed right now, but will look at the name of it and the manufacturer in the morning. ( my memory is one of the things I miss the most)

They put this shower cap type thing on you and scrub your hair with it. It is real strange, I think it is better then nothing.

My hair is right above my shoulders and I didn't cut it any shorter. I didn't want to cut my hair because it had fallen out when I had three surgeries for a brain aneurysm and it had just grown back. My surgery was last year and it has taken about a year for the hair that was shaved to catch up with the rest of it. However, my hairdresser gave me a cut that, instead of feathering the hair down the back, she left it longer and it actually covered up the scar until the other hair grew back. Anyone looking at me from the back couldn't tell that I had any hair missing....I know it's not the important thing but that was nice. I didn't really have any problem with the hair getting tangled or nasty looking even though I left it the length it was. I don't remember how long I had to wait to shower after surgery, but it wasn't a real long time. My doctor put all the stiches on the inside and I had sterry strips on the outside. They were covered with a plastic kind of bandage and it really didn't allow water to get inside.

Good luck with your surgery.....