Hair Question

Okay ladies, don’t want to sound superficial but what is the best option regarding hair pre-op? I have long, curly, un-ruly hair and have been advised both to keep it long so that I can cover up my scar and to cut it short so that its not a pain post-op. What have you found to be the best solution? Also did any of your surgeons give restrictions about coloring before or after surgery?


I have a a graduated bob… so it was shorter at the back (Ive had this style a loooong time)
Surgeon did a great job and he shaved a tiny section underneath my hair… so you cannot see the scar at all.

I personally am glad my hair was short. I wasnt allowed to wash my hair for 3 days… and even then I had to keep the surgery site dry for 2 weeks.
I have naturally fair blonde hair and gets greasy really quick and I need to wash it every day. So im glad I didnt have a lot of greasy hair to deal with haha!

Also, when I brushed my hair after surgery… the scalp was very tender. So less hair = less pulling from brushing etc.

However this is my personal opinion… but im used to having short hair anyway… so it was never a problem for me :slight_smile:

Good luck!

My surgeon didn't shave any of my hair. I have long hair and post surgery I have just kept it split and to the sides and braided behind my ears. It's relatively comfortable to sleep in and I could do it by myself after the surgery. It keeps the hair away from the incision so I can apply the Neosporin without it getting all up in my hair. It's just the recliner I've been sitting in I keep a clean towel over the back so the Neosporin doesn't get on it and so my incision stays clean.

My NS just shaved a very thin strip of hair. I have very fine hair and it still was no problem to cover the incision. While it was healing I put my hair in two ponytails on each side to keep air flowing.

As for washing my hair I was allowed to wash mine the day after surgery with baby shampoo. I had to use the baby shampoo for about 6 weeks. As to coloring your hair you can beforehand but you need to wait several weeks after because my NS says the chemicals from the anesthesia can cause you hair to turn strange colors!

Mine also only shaved a thin strip of hair, so it wasn't too bad and I have thin shoulder length hair.

I also got to wash my hair the day after surgery.. I assume it is different depending on the doctors and incision sew up.. I had internal stitches and glue, no staples or stitches to keep dry. I even used a blow dryer on my hair 2 days after surgery

As for color.. I had the same question and I called to double check with my surgeons nurse a week before surgery and she said it was fine, so I had my hair colored and cut 5 days before surgery.

I have talked to a lot of people that chopped off their long hair before surgery and regretted it afterwards when they saw only a strip shaved!! but I have also seen other people whose surgeon shaved almost the entire back side of their head. I asked my surgeon at my pre op appointment if he shaves a lot and he told me then it would only be a thin strip so I am glad I didn't have it cut/styled to accommodate a shaved head!

Good Luck!

Thanks for all the feedback!

Hi! I don't color my hair so I am not sure on that aspect.

I recommend not cutting your hair. If it is long then it will cover the hair that is shaved. They shaved a nice sized strip of hair, mine is bigger because they used my tissue from outside my skull for the dural patch. I had no problems covering it though and i put my hair in pig tails for the first couple of weeks to keep it off the incision and let the air get to it.

Good Luck!

Sara Jane

I had very short hair before hand and my hair was so nasty after surgery and it would have been super nasty by the time I could wash it, I shaved my whole head. I have just worn scarves when going out. I am 3 weeks post op and it is growing quickly.

I have long curly hair & it was fine. I’m 2wks post op, wear it up a lot & when it’s all pulled up you can’t even see my scar or shaved part because the section shaved was small. No need to cut it! Doesn’t bother me down either, just itches when hairs growing out & scars healing.

My NS.didn’t discuss this with me I was planning put it in a scruncie but he said they would take care of it so that’s what they did.Hope your surgery goes well keep us informed.