Weather affecting mood and pain

Does anyone else feel their pains increase in poor weather? Today is cold and raining…my neck and shoulders are extremely stiff and sore and I have strong pain behind my eye also my balance is worse than normal.
I have had problems with depression in the past but after surgery those feelings are more often. A lot of crying, which also hurts to do. I notice this is also worse with bad weather.
How do others cope, if this happens to you? Many thanks for any responces.

HI Cheshire:

Weather does effect me as well....I don't know if it is the barametric pressure or what...but during rainy/damp times I tend to feel overall lousy...

As for my mood...the weather does play a role in that as well...I try to keep busy when these times come ...b/c I tend to want to crawl in bed with the covers over my head when I feel depressed. I have given into the depression at times, i have to admit and have crawled into bed...but then i ended up feeling even worse after...So now...silly as it may sound...I plan ahead a bit..if i know it is going to be crappy out, I try to have some small 'project' to tackle around here..then at least i tend to feel as though i accomplished something.

Do you take meds for depression....that can help out as well.

I hope you feel better soon....I can only speak for myself..but I've been there SO MANY TIMES...IT STINKS....try not to beat yourself up over having a bad day...

Another thing that has helped me with my depression is getting active here on the site.....I have gotten so much support here....we are here for you!!!




Listen to Abby and Lori, they are smart ladies! I agree with their advice wholeheartedly. Depression seems to hit people whenever they have a serious surgery. Please don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about how you are feeling both physically and emotionally. You are not alone, there are a lot of us that suffer with depression as well as our Chiari symptoms. As far as the weather, I think everyone is right that the gloomy, rainy, damp weather does seem to make our symptoms, headaches, and depression worse. Lori, had good advice about having a small project for those days or hobby to work on so that we can accomplish something on those down days. It is proven that people need to have sunshine in their lives for their own well-being. I hope that we get sunshine soon in all the areas that we live in:)



Thanks Carla for calling me 'smart'....I wouldn't go that far!!!LOL

I had another thought as far as mood /weather goes....I burn essential oils....which helps my mental health...I have used them for , i have noticed that mainly during the crappy weather...the aroma therapy helps me..maybe it is all in my head..but i love it..also i did kinda make a hobby out of it...experimenting with different oils....I looked up 'recipes' for skin care with the oils and perfumes as well....

If you decide to give it a try...the best place I found to buy oils is online ..rocky I think is the name..I haven't bought any in a while...a little goes a long way...



PS: I have to tell you that when i 1st started using the oils as a skin care thing..I guess I over did on the amt. of oils b/c the receptionist at the community center ..took me aside one day and said that my scent "lingered' and people complained....I was so embarrassed I near peed my pants laughing after.

Abby....No, she was right...I was mixing too many oils and I didn't realize how strong the odor was!!!! It was funny though because I was with a gal from church at the time ..and she had told me when we got there.."Oh , you can hardly smell it". since i had just made this new concoction I asked her before we went in...too funny...she her the lady say the smell

"lingered'...I then asked my friend if I stunk out the church that Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a little dab will do ya.....i guess i had to learn the hard way....


Too funny! I guess that's why we live and learn, or do by trial and error:) I admire you for even cooking at all. It is definitely not my thing! I am no crafty either like Julie. I just think that is so cool when people can cook or make things with their hands. I am not really talented with anything that I can think of. I need to find a hobby though other than TV and the computer! Now that I have an iphone, I am still on the "computer" when I am away from home!



No , it isn't cooking was aroma therapy recipes ...essential oils ...I am not too great in the kitchen!!!

I've been having some soreness and stiffness in my neck during all this rainy weather too. I get out my heating pad. I don't know if it's really helping - or - if the heat sensation just overtakes the others. My friend in Florida uses the esssential oils all the time. She has been trying to get me into them too; haven't done it yet though. I'm doing all my pretesting this week for my aneurysm followup, so - maybe I'm just a little tense without knowing it!

I wish I was into crafty things, but I'm not. I admire people who create all the lovely things. Everyone tells me I'm a good cook though - I guess we each just have our own talents.....keeps us from all being alike!





I have a horrible time when the weather changes. I don’t have to watch the weather, I can tell you when it’s going to rain. I get more pressure in my head when it’s going to rain. The only thing that helps me is laying down. I like to use ice packes instead of heat. I get over heated so eaily. I wish I knew a way to make it stop but I don’t. I have a VP shunt and I take Diamox to help lower my pressure. I’m much better since I got my shunt. The Diamox helps the shunt to work better.