The Human Weathervane

A few weeks ago I attended a BBQ at a friend's home. The sun was shining and the day was absolutely gorgeous. As I was sipping on some lemonade, I got the strangest feeling in my head. All of the sudden my head started to hurt, pressure behind my eye, tingling on my face, my jaw started to clench up...etc. I looked around and said, "I think it is about to rain" They thought I was crazy. But about 15 minutes later, the sky turned black, there was thunder, and RAIN.

While some people may think it is fun to predict the weather, I find it rather annoying. I haven't felt well for most of the week. My head is hurting and I am really tired. I have been talking about the rain since Tuesday...well, it finally showed up...just like my "head" told me it would...LOL.

I have a little under 6 weeks before my decompression surgery. I am getting tired and feel as if I cannot make it till the surgery date (Aug 16th). When I was first diagnosed, I felt like I can beat this thing...I can deal with these headaches. Well now, I can tell you that these headaches are getting REALLY OLD and I am losing my patience! (Sigh)

I am gonna hang in there. I have come this far...what is a little more time? Until then, I will continue my life's work as the "Human Weathervane!"

I hope everyone is having a pain free day.


I had my decompression in October, 2010…I am still a walking barometor. I hate it!!! It sometimes takes a couple of days for the rain to get here, but I can tell when it is coming.

Even though most of the pressure in my head went away when I had the surgery, I will still sometimes get a little pressure in my head; it usually does seem to have something to do with the weather.