Anyone else fighting depression because of this?

Hi Laura,

Please do not feel alone. I can almost with 99.99999 % accuracy say everyone suffers from depression, that has a CM, at one time or another. It is very overwhelming from the time you first start having symptoms , then dx, treatment & recovery. Know we are here for you and understand. Every now and then we all have a breakdown's of sorts. Mine was lastweek. Please let me know if you have anymore questions or need anything.

Praying for you,

Tracy Z.

Yes. I definitely am fighting depression and anxiety.
Do not feel alone. It has been almost two years since my diagnosis and surgery and yet I still struggle emotionally.
Let it out when you feel it and do not bottle it up. Talk to someone who will listen (and listen well) to how you feel.
It is very hard living with CM and it is also hard for others to understand what we go through since the symptoms and such pop up uncontrollably without warning. Just stay close to those you love and those who love you. Pray that time is what will heal our emotional wounds from this disease.
I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. I may be young but I have been through so much and am a wonderful listener.

Look up pictures of flowers and peaceful scenery online and listen to some classical music.

Happy vibes to you. :slight_smile:



Oh boy...the answer for me is a huge yes!! along with anxiety....Thankfully I recently had a med change and Praise has helped....I take 60mg of Cymblta.

And let me you....for me, this group has picked me up so many times..they are great.



Thank you guys!!! There are just days that I feel so abnormal. I think its all mental then I have to remind myself that I suffer from this disease and I am a brain surgery patient and survivor. Its really tough sometimes. I feel at times that I have completley lost my mind. Everything you all said makes perfect sense. My anxiety is horribly bad too. I am medicated sort of. I take 20mg of Prozac and that helps. I take 2mg of Protaxin (high blood pressure) for the PTSD and Nightmares too. This is all just so much to take in sometimes. Its crazy and makes me feel crazy sometimes.

Hi Laura,

I know what you are talking about when there are days when you just feel abnormal!!! Guess what??? YOU ARE TOTALLY NORMAL!!!!!!



Laura, I am Olivia's Mom. I see on a regular basis what Chiarian's suffer from. It is one of those illness where you can look so normal on the outside it is hard for others to believe when you say you don't feel well. I also believe that since Chiari is a brain condition that the chemical make up is altered due to the pressure. This in turn effects so many things including depression and other "psychological" issues that can show up. I also agree with what others have said regarding chronic pain and depression, who can remain happy when pain is constantly in the way. Please find a doctor with a sympathetic ear who understands all the effects Chiari can have both physical and mental. Best of luck, hope you find help here too.

Laura, I haven't been able to answer this until today because I've been crying nonstop. I just admitted to my husband and parents how depressed and down I'm currently feeling. I am taking Zoloft, but I've made an appt to see my PCM about all this. I am the eternal optimist and usually always on the go and right now it's hard to find things to be genuinely happy about and I can't even clean one room of the house w/o paying for it. You are most definitely not alone and you never will be!


Unfortunately Yes. I am on 150mgs of Zoloft and still feel very depressed. Are you on medication for depression?


I had to be placed on Paxil because I have started having anxiety attacks. Boy, was I scared when I had that 1st one. Luckily for me, it was in my neurosurgeon's office and his nurse was with me and my husband. I thought I was having a heart attack. The Paxil has helped a bit. Before my actual diagnosis of Chiari, I had already been diagnosed with having depression. It made more sense to me and my family of why I had developed depression once I actually knw that something was really wrong with me. I was starting to think it was all in my head.. (ha ha.. it kinda was)

Depression is still a part of me along now with Anxiety. I am learning how to deal with both. I have a quote that I keep in my purse, and at my desk. I recite it often - "Be patient and tough; one day this pain will be useful to you." ~ Ovid.

I tell myself this as I know that everything that we deal with is for some reason, what it is for me, I'm not sure yet.

Destini said:
Unfortunately Yes. I am on 150mgs of Zoloft and still feel very depressed. Are you on medication for depression?
I am on 20mg of Prozac and a heart med for PTSD.

EveryDay!....even had my doctor tell me it wasnt real depression---that i was making things up just to get the medication......... Boy did that commemt SO NOT work in his favor!!

i am on medication, but one thing i found also useful was guided imagery i use it when i am SUPER depressed

this site i havent used but seems to have many

I would strongly recommend researching turmeric curcumin and neurological disorder studies. I have read that the wonderful , safe results with turmeric is the result of the anti-inflammatory properties and a host of other activities. My daughter has a 5mm herniation and has complained about headaches off and on for several months. Only a few of the headaches were severe, and for the last 3 months, it was mostly described as a constant pressure or nagging headache. I put her on the turmeric curcumin for 2 weeks and so far, she has been headache free. I also put her on b vitamins and St. John's Wart. I am now researching which brand would be best. Presently, we are using the product from Puritan's pride. Here is a link to another site I am looking at now:

Here is another site I found very interesting:

I hope this is helpful and there is relief for you. My daughter's symptoms are mild compared to so many of what I see. So , since Chiari has many unanswered questions and unknowns, I decided to treat her with as many natural solutions as possible. So far, turmeric curcumin is working. I will keep people updated on the success or failure of this approach. Donna

I too, suffer from depression. I had told my NL that and then he ran with it. He started saying that my symptoms may be caused from my depression. UGH!!! Seriously?! I had seen a psychiatrist and she did not agree with him. Not only does this illness cause you to be sad, the doctors make it worse. Good luck!!!