Vertigo and extreme nasuea

Has anyone had issues with vertigo and extreme nausea? I do have vertigo but it has never been as bad as it was yesterday. For some reason, out of the blue, it slowly began to get worse. I was in the grocery store and had to leave because I was so nauseous and felt the dizziness was getting worse as well. This has never happened to me. It would come and go but when I had it, it was really bad. Not sure what this means or what to do if it happens again. Does this mean my Chiari is getting worse, could it have been related to something I ate, could it be the weather? Or could there not be a reason? I have heard of people going to the ER for anti-nausea meds and fluids, I would like to avoid having to do that if possible. I seem to have slept off the nausea but then again, it could be the meclizine I took. That has never helped me in the past so I am not sure. I am still a bit dizzy and unfortunately need to go to work for a couple of hours this morning, I am debating weather to call my doc after or go to the ER if I am still dizzy. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi! Vertigo is unfortunately one of the many things caused by Chiari. Personally Vertigo/ Nausea was one of the first things I experienced. Pay attention to how you feel when you experience the vertigo and nausea. Is it after changing body positions? After exercising? After eating? Etc. I believe it’s mostly caused by a “head rush,” when the fluids in your head rush in/ out quickly due to a change in position. If you can’t pin point a time, check the side effects of your medications and try to pay attention to the foods you eat. Take it easy, You know your body best, just pay attention to it. If you feel too bad too often, I’d schedule an appointment. Hope this helps and I hope you start feeling better soon!! Best wishes!!

You folks will have to have a look at the information on dizziness on this site. Under “Newbies Guide” it is “Dizziness and Chiari” titled submission. You’ll have to let us know how you make out!

Hi, thank you for your response. It took a few days but it eventually slowly got better. I think I may have figured out what caused it although I can’t say for sure. Earlier in the day I had gone to the mall and received a chair massage, this is something I do often and every time I go I always tell them not to do my neck or my head, I tell them shoulders and below only. I’ve never had any trouble and I always leave there feeling great but for whatever reason that particular one did not do much for me. I remember walking out of there feeling really sore, which again has never happened. I am just wondering even though she did not do anything to my head or my neck if something happened to cause vertigo. I do also have bad the stag miss in my eye and I feel like sometimes the mild vertigo is due to that. My eyesight has definitely become worse over the past couple of months. I Have an appointment with the Nuro ophthalmologist next month and I’m hoping that she can give me some relief. I have no idea if this attack was caused by the massage or not and quite frankly I hope it does not happen again!!! Thanks for the advice!