Update, with a question

Hi all! I am now 7 weeks and 4 days post op. I went for my final post op appointment yesterday, and my wonderful neurosurgeon feels that I am doing great and can start getting back to my normal life! Since surgery I only have headaches when I trigger them (no more constant headahce), and I have felt better than I have in the past 3 years! The only problem that I continue to have (besides the very minor headaches) is some leg pain. It feels like the growing pains that I had as a child, like cramps in them. I know a lot of people here have the same sensations, but what do you do for these pains? I usually try massage and a warm bath, and it helps a bit but I can't do that in the middle of the day, so what else works for you? The surgeon said that it can take awhile for these pains to go away following the surgery and if I want PT he would set it up for me. For now I opted for the wait and see route. Has anyone else gone to PT for this? If so, what do they do? And does it help?

Thanks for anything and everything!

Thats great that ur are doing so well!!! As far as the leg pain, i know all to well what you mean.. I am 3 months post op (but i had some complications) and my legs are feet are killing me... My guy, says he has NO CLUE why they would be hurting.. I take pain meds, over the counter, and prescription to help with the pain and also massaging and heat but it never goes away... I hope you find some answers and releif for your pain.

If I do find some answers and relief I will sure let ya know! Do you have any idea why our legs hurt? It seems so irrelevent to our head! I should have asked my ns but I always forget stuff when I am there. The first question I remembered to ask at this appt was if I am able to dye my hair LOL!

Hi there. I go to PT and really does help me. I've been going since Sept. My surgery was in August. I'm having balance issues since the surgery. As well as, battling my neuropathy on the whole entire side of my body. PT works on my balance, as well as my strength in my legs. I'm def. an advocate for therapy.

Good luck.

Christine :)

Christine, thanks I also have some balance issues. It is more when I am on unstable ground, I live in MN and there is snow here, so anytime I am walking on snow I have to move really slow. I had a rough night last night, and am considering the PT now. I didn't get any sleep because of the pain in my legs. The pain in my legs seems to have gotten worse since surgery and seems to be progressing. I think I will look into the PT, Thanks!

Awww mommy, I'm sorry you had a bad night. I know you have pain in your legs, but do your legs aches like a flu as well? I have that big time! We got some snow here overnight (only a few inches). Nothing like MN. Be careful with your walking. Do you have a cane? I resisted it at first, but realized really quick that it helps. Just a little help to keep us UP! LOL Also with PT, ask about massage on them. That may help too. Let me know.

XO Christine

I don't use a cane, I use my husband and my mom most of the time LOL. The pain is something that is really hard to describe. They do feel achey, and at some points crampy. If that makes sense at all, I dunno. I will definatly ask about massage, I know it helps when my husband does it for me but only for a little while. My hips also ache like my legs do, I am not sure what it is or why it is happening.

This may sound like a strange response, but you should get your calcium levels checked. When they are low they can cause cramping and pain in the legs and arms.