Post-Op Questions

Hi All,

Quick question for those of you who have had the decompression surgery. I am about six weeks post-op and having some problems. I had my first post-op appointment with the neurosurgeon. He said that all of these things are normal...but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for helping them.

I am having trouble sleeping at night. I can lay around for hours and not get comfortable. It seems like there's something going on with my legs, maybe like restless leg syndrome? Not sure what to do to help it.

I am also getting some headaches. They seem to start when I am out and about. When I get under any stress the headaches come back. Sometimes the pain killers help, other times it doesn't. I have tried some of my perkaset from after the surgery, and it makes me sick. I am on a non-narcotic pain reliever and sometimes it works .I try over the counter stuff and that doesn't touch it.

Thanks, in advance for any help!


I'm almost 12 weeks post-op and from my experience what your going through is normal. My sleep patterns were/are opposite of you though- I can go to sleep at regular time but now I wake up VERY early- This morning I was wide awake at 3 AM- Before surgery had I had to the chance I would have slept to at least 7 or so.

I can totally agree with the onset of headaches when out running errands or something stressful- I'm not sure why but things do seem to trigger a Headache.

One thing we often forget is that our whole body (not just our head/brain) has just gone through a MAJOR change! and it takes time for things to settle down.

DEEP BREATH! Your doing OK! your Doc is right! Give yourself a chance to heal!


I am SO relieved that it is normal!

Interesting...sometimes I have the same sleep trouble as you, but mostly it's the opposite.

I think the million dollar question with Chiari is what triggers our headaches. If only we knew the answer we'd have less pain and be rich! lol

You are entirely right. I think being back at grad school courses, teaching, and work makes me want to get back to normal. Patience is one thing I am trying have with myself. I need to be better about taking a deep breath and being gentler with myself.

Thanks so so much for your reply! It makes me feel better!

Hope you're still recovering well!