Upcoming Dr visit

Hi all,

Thank you to all who have responded to my other posts!!! It is truly appreciated :)

I am going to the a doctor at Yale for the 2nd visit on june 13. Surgery is pretty much where I am heading towards. I am 37, and going 25 plus years mis-diagnosed, it has me pretty excited to know that a surgery "might" help my quality of life.

With that said, I would be so grateful to hear some questions I should ask my surgeon. Some of you have already given me some great questions to ask and I would love to have as many questions as possible when I go to see him.

Thank you for your time and I cant wait to hear what questions about surgery that are out there that I have not even thought of

Thank you!!!!!


I would ask:

Will the dura be opened? If so what type of patch will be used? What will the recovery process look like? How long you can expect to be in the hospital? What restrictions will they send you home with?