The Eagle Has Landed!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a surgery date:

Friday, April 12th

I went to see Dr. Tew yesterday and he told me that I have a severe case of Chiari and I have to have surgery. It was scary to hear that, but it also made me feel great that someone agrees with me that my symptoms are due to Chiari and they are a big deal!

I am both terrified and relieved!

I'm going to see Dr. Bohinski at Mayfield on April 15th. So curious to see what he has to say. Congratulations on your surgery date. I pray that it goes well, is complication-free, and your recovery is speedy!

That is some good news!

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your support!

Good news! :) Let us know if you have any questions! I have no regrets on my surgery! My life has really improved these last 5 months!