Got a surgry date....finally!

Good afternoon to everyone, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the positive responses, advice and for everyone that has shared their comments and experiences. It has really been helpful and helped me to understand what it is that my body is going through. I have had some really bad days and everyday it is something new on top of the aches and pains that I am already suffering from. I saw the neurosurgeon almost 2 weeks ago and have been sitting in limbo waiting for his secretary to schedule the surgery....I think the not knowing exactly when was making things worse for me. FINALLY... today she called and although it is not the week of the 4th as the doctor had wanted it to be just knowing a date is way better than waiting in anticipation of a date. The surgery is scheduled for the 12th of July that following Friday after the 4th, so at least I can enjoy my 4th a little with the pain that I already suffer from and not anymore added on from the surgery. I could not believe the date when she said it to me because that is my mothers birthdate. I am just so ready to at least get some relief from the all of the problematic symptoms that we all with Chiari suffer from. Daily I see some new part of me not being able to function as it usually did and it becomes heartbreaking even more. Since finding out I have went down South alot faster than I expected to with my lower back and vision along with the headaches being the WORST of all my symptoms. I have days when I cant even walk because my lower back is in so much pain or because I cant see to make out where it is that I am going so I'm bumping into everything because my vision is so blurry or my balance is so off that I cant even walk straight so its like I am about to tilt over. I can only hope that after the surgery my symptoms will start to improve. I will be sure to do a follow up and let everyone know how things are as I progress throughout my recovery... So not looking foward to having my hair shaved :( Again, thanks to everyone.

Best wishes on your upcoming surgery! :)

You might not need to worry about the hair. My NS only shaved a tiny strip of hair. It was so easy to cover up!