Finally having surgery 10/24

i have having surgery at the WI Chiari center and i am very excited and extremly scared for some reason. I have a good day and i think should i really do this and then i have a crappy day and go what am i thinking?? I cant do this anymore and need to see some light and the end of this dark tunnel i am in. I wanted to see if someone can give me a heads up on what to expect as far as recovery and the pain from the surgery or really any information i did not ask alot of questions when it was booked i am still kinda in shock. I found out today i have to get a cathater and am not happy about it. LOL. any advice or information is greatly apprecated. Thanks everyone and i will be posting pics and updates throw out with my hopsital stay and recovery.

Paul, Congrats on your surgery date! I think mine will likely end up in surgery too (for the same reasons you state) and I am VERY scared!!

My cousin just had surgery with Dr. Heffez at the WI Chiari Center just this past June. She really liked him and said they did a great job. She was in ICU for about 24 hours and then moved to a regular room after that for about 5 days. She was also up and walking within days, and could walk a straight line for the first time in who knows how long! :) Staples out 8 days after surgery. She says at her 2 months post check up she had NO symptoms and NO restrictions! (I hope that happens with you too!) She says she wishes she would have found out about her Chiari and done her surgery a LONG time ago.

Please keep us posted on your recovery and please let me know what you think of the center and the treatment there. It would be the closest for me (still like 7-8 hours away) for a Chiari specialist. They don't accept my insurance, but I am still interested in feedback from their patients.

Thinking of you and wishing you the absolute best! :)


One of the girls Jen(luvmy2girls) is there now. She had surgery Monday.

I got my first opinion from dr h but decided to have mine here by Dr. Menezes. I’m sure you’ll do great. The catheter is no big deal. Keep us posted. My surgery is nov 14

Hi Paul....

In my opinion, your feelings are 100% understandable.....You are going to one of the best places around..I have only heard/read great things about WI Chiari Center.

You will be in quite a bit if pain for the 1st couple of weeks..but it is bearable...if I could take it..I am sure you will do great!!LOL

Once the surgery is done, you will go to the recovery room where the nurses and dr.'s will make sure your pain is managed b4 they send you to ICU for the night...Now...don't be a tough guy and not tell them the truth..LOL..If your pain is severe...tell them..they can give you something ...this is not the time to 'suck it up'!!!

I spent 1 nite in ICU then a week in a regular complications..positive results came in time..but they did come..that was 3 yrs ago...still struggle with some Sx's but overall..I would do it again.

As far as the cathater.....yeah, I wasn't too thrilled to get that news either b4 the day of surgery...but I was so glad it was in for a couple of days after the not fear..they put it in once you are won't feel a thing...and taking it out is nothing...takes seconds to do.

Please let us know how you are doing...of course , once you are up to it....

Paul, you will and are in thought and're in good hands.



Prayers for you ! Confident that, having done your research well, you are in good medical hands. Let the healing begin!

Good luck on your surgery. Dr. Heffez is awesome and he would be the one I’d have to do surgery on me. Let us know how your doing. Mary


Great News, I'm having mine done on the same day,mine is being done here in New Orleans, I've be reading everything I can find about the condition and the surgery. My Doc thinks I will be out of the hospital earlier than what i have seen posted here but we'll see.

Im 45 yrs old and the last time I was admitted to the hospital I came home in a diaper so all of of this stuff is kind of overwhelming and unsettling but if it helps me get better I'm up for it!

Paul, I am new to Chiari as I was just diagnosed. I wish I had advice for you about the surgery. I am with you in the “shocked” stage… But what I can do is keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wish you the best! GOOD LUCK!

Good Luck on your Surgery today..... Just say your post. Will be praying for you!