Two Week Post Op - Update

I had brain surgery 2 weeks ago. That’s something I never thought I would be saying.
I have to say I am doing great. My recovery has been very smooth except for a case of bad nausea and vomiting at 5 days post op. I discovered it was the pain meds that caused it.

Dr Oro did my surgery on Sept 20 and I was released from the hospital within 48 hours. He did tell my husband that things were more crowded that he had expected.I spent Tues evening in the ICU and could already tell my blurry vision was better. My friends and family were laughing at me for texting and facebooking from ICU. The next morning I already felt steadier on my feet and wasn’t having any dizziness. My brain fog is gone.

We flew to Denver and did stay in Denver for a week after surgery. The flight home was fine. I did get a wheelchair with an escort to get through security and to the gate.

I have been taking it very easy and resting whenever my body tells me. I am still taking a muscle relaxer every 8 hours and ibuprofen for any pain. I can’t tell you how excited I am to not have to take any narcotic pain meds because I have been taking them since February.

I am so happy that I made decision to have surgery. I am keeping a watchful eye out for the return of any symptoms.

My PCP took my staples out this morning and was so happy to see my imporvement. She told me I look like a totally different person.

Good Luck to any of you who have surgery scheduled. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Thanks for listening,


That is so great to hear my daughter had surgery yesterday she is in pain but is doing ok with that.So thank you

I am glad you are feeling better!! Make sure to get plenty of rest and allow your body to heal.

Hey Diana!!!

So happy for you...thanks for sharing your success with us...I know it will help others here who are waiting on surgery.

Keep us posted!!!



Glad to hear you are doing so well!!!

So glad your doing well…I am 2 weeks PO tomorrow…feeling better a little every day, but slow going

Diana, im so happy to hear that you are doing so well after surgery! I’m having surgery Oct 21, and I am scared. Reading stories like yours makes it easier to deal with! I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly and you feel better every day! It’s wonderful that your symptoms have gone away. Don’t over do it, and let your body continue to heal! Thoughts and prayers are with you! Take care!

Thank you for the update it is so encouraging! I am so happy to hear how well you are now feeling and that your recovery went relatively smoothly. I wish you continued health and happiness :slight_smile:

thats fantasic,


So happy for you..thanks for the update!!