2 Month Post Op Appt Tomorrow

My DH and I flew into Denver today. We took drive up into the mountains this afternoon. It was so pretty with a little snow on the mountains.

I can’t believe how fast the time has past. My surgery was 9/20. I feel really good. The only symptom I still have is migraines. I have gotten a debilitating migraine once a week for the past 3 weeks. I’m going to ask Dr Oro about it tomrrow.

Here are the symptoms that are gone so far. Vertigo, balance problems, blurry vision, constant neck pain on the left side, hoarse voice, sleeplessness. I am only taking a muscle relaxer and HBP med at bedtime on the days without a migraine.

I have a MRI at 9:30 then see the dr at 10:30. Sure hope everything goes well.


Good luck tomorrow Diana!!!

I have a good appointment. The MRI showed there is plenty of space in my noggin now. The muscle looked to be attaching well to the titanium plate. My only restrictions are no fast roller coasters or contact sports. Anything else I can do as long as I feel like it. I need to keep a record on the migraines and see if I can figure out a trigger.

I was given the usual it would help to eat better and exercise. I hope to start a conditioning routine now that I feel so much better.

I am so happy that I did go ahead and have surgery. I feel as though my life was given back. I no longer need to nap during the day. I'm still not 100% but I know I will get there.

Thanks for all the encouragement!