Twitching of arms and legs after surgery?

Abbey said that when she lays down that her arms and legs twitch. She did not do this in the hospital. Anyone else have this happen? Something to worry about or normal?

Many people do have twitching arms and legs. I have included some past Discussions on that subject. I hope Abbey is doing well. My twitching calmed down a lot the more I healed. Please let her NS know, but I don't think it's anything to worry about.

She is actually doing amazing. She is having some dizziness but is only taking one 5mg/325 mg oxycodone every four hours. If I had had that surgery I'd still be begging for the morphine! She is not complaining of anything so when she did complain about the twitching it touched a nerve.

It feels like this has just been to 'easy', despite the first really rough 24 hours.

She did not complain of twitching before surgery.

Thanks for the links. I haven't figured out yet how to get around this site.

I now have a leg twitch which wasn’t happening before surgery. I gets worse when I’m tired.