Twitching like crazy!

I’ve had some problems with restless legs in the past, but recently it’s gotten a lot worse. Everything is twiching now. My head, body, arms, etc. I get these jolts that feel like electrical shocks. Does anyone else have this? Its usually when I am laying down. Its kind of freaking me out. Thanks!

I get them nearly every day! I’ve been told there is nothing they can do about them but live with it. :frowning:

I often have nerve twitches or shocks. I have a daily issue where I have nerve twitches or shocks that run down from my lower Occipital area especially when I am in the shower with water running on the back of my head or washing my hair. It will drop me to my knees at times. I would definitely call your NL or PCP it is irritating and worrisome. You should definitely get their opinion.

Tracy Z

I have them everyday and when I go to bed my whole body jumps off the bed. Makes it hard for me and my boyfriend to get any rest.

I get them also. Especially when I first lay down, I found that if I keep my head elevated it help, but does not get rid of it. Also tried some Amish made stuff (Apple vinegar, garlic, ginseng stuff) that helps with leg cramps, but with my swallowing problems it was burning my nose too much and I aspirated some so had to stop using it.

I got them frequently before I had decompression surgery done. Now I only get them on the rare occasion I have a Chiari related headache, when I'm cold, anxious, or really emotional.

I get that too. Mainly restless leg syndrome and no one can answer as to "why." I hate that. Pretty miserable and will just come and go....have it several nights in a row then nothing for several nights, on and on. I take a little ativan at bed and does seem to help some but wish I knew why it was happening.

Good luck with it. Hope you get more answers than I did about it. Keep is posted.


I get them when I am resting, lying down. It started seven months ago when my Chiari symptoms returned. I’ve had a decompression and dura plasty about five years. I don’t twitch when I’m busy only when resting.

Here I thought it was only me!! I had the surgery 7 months ago, and the twitching is the thing I was most hoping would be fixed and it wasn’t! So frustrating. I too get it all over. I can’t sleep, and the next day my muscles are ACHING!

I know that when taking narcotics everyone in my family twitch when resting or sleeping. Besides occasional restless legs, the only time we get full body twitches is when taking those types of medications. Could that be the same for everyone else?

Yep...all the time! It doesn't even matter if I'm lying, sitting, standing...its pretty constant. The really cool part is when I don't think about it and scratch the back of my head or neck and WHOOP!! Shock wave throughout my whole body! its not really the cool part. Its kind of a pain in the neck...pun completely intended. But, like others, my NL and NS don't think there is much we can do. I am on Nuerontin and it does seem to help. :-)

The shock sensation I was told by my daughters ped NS is brain stem involvement and must be addressed asap. For the twitching… so glad to hear there are others with the same issue, once again I feel that I really am not loosing my mind!

Anyone else experience a “curling” or clenching feeling in your feet with the headaches and neck pain?

Yessss. Chiari is new to me but interesting that you said that. I am twitching here and there especially when laying down. Im restless at night but i do better theoughout day as I am moving about.

One thing I do notice is that it becomes significantly worse after I eat chicken. I mentioned this to my doctor who said that chickens are given a lot of antibiotics (even organic) to fatten them up and that antibiotics can cause these spasms. Does anyone else notice this connection? It’s worth looking into.

Pebbles: I do have that problem where my toes curl under and kind of lock when my headaches are bad. Is that what you mean?

It also depends on how chicken is prepared. You have to be careful for MSG in the chicken. I always ask how meats are prepared before buying them. I was shocked at how many places sell prepared foods with msg but don’t label it. I was recently at Publix food wise and could not believe they did not label half of their prepared foods which I investigated, turned out they contained MSG. Sorry if im off the topic a little. Good info though.

Jozy: that’s a good point. I’ll look into that. Thanks.

I also have problems lying down on my back at night - electric waves can go up and down my spine and limbs, can get tingling sensations, etc etc. Sometimes a small dose of valium or xanax helps. An expert neurosurgeon told me that lying down on the back changes ( reduces) the spinal curves and puts more pressure on the nervous system.

I have this all the time, especially the restless legs. People tell me that i twitch in my sleep all the time too. Dont worry- its common for somone with Chiari