Eye twitch

Has anyone had any kind of an eye twitch with their Chiari? I have had this twitch in my right eye come and go for about 3 weeks now and it’s driving me nuts.

Yes I did have that for what seemed like FOREVER! I heard everything under the sun that was "causing" it! It did go away when I stepped up taking my vitamins and I ate bananas! The combo worked! I think I might have been missing something and we are already so sensitive with our muscles and that is a touchy one!

I still get twitches but the are muscles twitches in my arm or leg muscles. They will just sit and there and twitch on an off or no reason! Annoying!

I also go through a week or so & have eye twitching. It will be interesting to see what other Members say about this subject. I don't think it's like a tick...

Yes I have experienced the eye twitching for atleast 4 years. I use to think it was nerves and stress, but now I know it's the Chiari. I also experience the random muscle twitching in my arms/hands. And I have the tremors in my legs and arms where they just go flying through the air for no reason. As of now, I have yet to find out why or any treatment for either one. But it is part of why my NS wants me to have a nerve conduction study and EMG done. Hope you find some answers.

I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. I always had alot of the symptoms through the years but not all at once so I was told constantly I had anxiety or nothing was wrong. Finally, a few weeks ago I got a continual headache, those horribly stressful eye and facial twitches, and some leg pain and weakness that prompted an MRI from my doctor (after being turned away from the ER for anxiety). Sure enough, there was my Chiari. The eyelid twitching is driving me crazy...seriously. It started suddenly over a month ago and is still pretty constant at times. Did yours ever resolve and did your doctor say anything about it you? Im waiting for my first visit to the neurosurgeon. Thanks.

I have eye twitching and dont know why. Have had it for years. It does go away. Have appt Mon with NS maybe I can find something out

Eye twitching, feet, fingers, hands, foot on the gas pedal, that was not good. How do you know what is twitches and what is seizures? How about shoulders?


I have had eye twitching for years... also facial twitches around mouth and cheek area on left side. Comes and goes as it pleases seems to be worse when the numbness on the left side of my face is bad. No rhyme or reason. I just assume it is another Chiari thing.

Under my left eye sometimes when I’m putting on my make up its there a lot like a buzzer is under there irritating