Twitching while resting

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to know if any of you experience this: while resting/trying to get rid of headache/vertigo- my body will twitch and sometimes my hand will go straight up in the air, reminds me of the commercial where the doc is performing brain surgery and making the patient search on the computer for him.

I know you twich before you fall asleep sometimes but this happens just resting. Any clue if this is CM related?



My arms and legs periodically twitch too. It happens most often in my legs. I haven’t been able to determine what triggers this…there seems to be no rhyme or reason. This didn’t happen at all prior to my car accident that brought on my Chiari/Syringomyelia symptoms. I know there are other people here that have this symptoms too…I’m pretty sure there are some old discussions about it. If you have time, you should check out some of the older discussions…We’ve had some pretty interesting discussions. You should tell your doctor about this too, if you haven’t already. I hope this helps:)

I definitely twitch quite a bit. I can't really figure out when or why but it happens quite a bit. It's annoying for sure but then again everything about Chiari is annoying.

my arms and legs twitch all throughout the day.... i've gotten used to it but i remember that it wasn't long ago that it really used to make annoyed. I think if you just accept it as a symptom you won't concentrate on it as much and it won't be a big deal. Mine are pretty moderate but yours... hand straight up in the air, never heard of anything like that.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm off to read the old posts. Hope everyone has a low pain day!

Susan, glad your mom is doing okay. Sorry she had to go through so much.

Hopefully I'll get some answers next week when I see the Neurologist.

I have something like that but I jerk so hard I wake up.

that happens too... I just thought I was finally going crazy... lol

I experience what I've always assumed was muscle spasms throughout the day every day in my arms, legs and stomach and when I start to fall asleep and sometimes during the night when I'm asleep or during the day when I'm taking a nap, my entire leg or arm wil jerk. There have been times that it jerked so bad it literally flew into the air. I also experience twitching of my eyes. So this is a Chiari symptom?