Leg tremors...has anyone experienced them?

Today suddenly my legs got week and starting having spasms/tremors so my daughters took me to the ER. They tremored for about an hour and a half before i was finally able to control them. The ER doctor wasn’t very familiar with CM so he called the NS on call who said he didn’t think it is chiari related, there was no other medical explanation. What do y’all think? It is so great to be able to come here for advice. Many blessings to you all!

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hey misallen

i have little spasms, manly in my calfs, and arms, but they get weak, and end up with muscle pain, im unsure wether that is chiari related aswell, i have an intracranal lesion compression my cord in T7, unsure wether thats doing it too,

but check out this site, it might help explain some of the things that go on


how are you feeling now?


Thanks joelene. Im feeling better, my legs are just weak and sore. I have had small muscle spasms, but nothing like this until yesterday.

I had very bad leg spasms, and they were attributed to the Chiari. I still have them even yet today after the surgery. Usually when it happens I put on some music and people think I am tapping to a song.

Its good to see you have a sense of humor. A necessity when dealing with this. Thanks for your comments.


I have leg spasms from time to time now...not as frequent as they were b4 surgery.

hope you are doing better!!


I always get spasms. I have been getting spasms in my right arm the past couple days. Its always a different area.

Thanks so much for the feedback . I hope you both have a painfree week. You all inspire me so much.

As I write this now my legs are spasming. It really sucks, I am going through PT right now to help with this. I also have issues with hands shaking a lot.

Thanks for the feedback. I hate that others are dealing with this, but it’s good to know that others understand what it feels like. Keeping you in my prayers and thankful that we have this site!


The first tremors I can recall were in my hands back in January, since my major spasms on Saturday, I continue to have small spasms in my legs, but I hope that the major spasms don’t start up again. I hope that PT is helping.

Have had tremors in my left arm and have had the same question.

I get tremors in my legs and hands and in the left arm. My legs especially if I am sitting down and have my feet up on my tippie toes (like if I am sitting on the toilet) lol my legs will shake uncontrollabably(sp) but if I put my feet flat down they stop. My hands will shake and tremor especially if I am doing any fine motor skills and my left arm if overused will fill shaky and like my muscles are twitching and jumping. Had surgery Dec. 20th, 2011 and I am still dealing with these problems. I am going to look into PT as I feel it could be related to muscle weakness due to not being able to work much less get around too well for over a year and a half.